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Example sentences for overshadow

We as a nation can never again let our fascination with technology overshadow the need to win in close combat.
Even if he behaves himself, he could still overshadow his boss through sheer talent and energy.
In both countries frustration over the unsteady direction of change has tended, perhaps unfairly, to overshadow real gains.
They wanted someone who did not overshadow national leaders, but acted as a secretary general for their summits.
Work has its rightful place but does not necessarily have to overshadow all other aspects of life.
For some centrists, the deficit has begun to overshadow all other issues.
Great little scenes overshadow bigger, more important ones.
It would overshadow everything else in our previous history.
No they're not, as short-term variations overshadow any long-term trends.
The trick is to not let the chatter overshadow the need for quiet reflection that spirituality requires.
He swallowed three bogeys and a double to overshadow a lone birdie.
Last, you don't need a running mate that will overshadow your position with the party.
At the same time, the budget situation should not overshadow our state's single largest need: jobs.
Steve's serious commitment to his job did not overshadow his sense of humor or pursuit of other interests.

Famous quotes containing the word overshadow

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