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Example sentences for oversee

Oversee preparation and implementation of development communication strategies.
It also would establish a new agency to oversee consumer lending.
Hired, scheduled, and trained staff to oversee lab and provide support to users.
It is the religious authorities that oversee marriage, divorce and inheritance.
To fix a broken financial system and to oversee its proper functioning in the future you need experts.
The president stood down as head of the caretaker government that had been supposed to oversee the elections.
If you can't oversee the distance that you need to stop, you'll be in trouble, big time.
They now oversee cable and long-distance satellite service on campus as well as the whole spectrum of telecommunications.
None has been prosecuted, and this year the government set up a committee to oversee such cases.
He will continue to oversee the studio and the parks and resorts business.
The overstretched court system, alas, is in no shape to oversee such a process.
It also recommends that the president's office better coordinate government agencies to oversee the work.
Clustered in a corner are younger staffers newly hired to oversee operations in five cities.
It was an honor to oversee and expand their public health efforts during my six years there.
Generals complain about splitting the army, but they already oversee a myriad of specialist units.
Any set up to oversee these cases are absolutely powerless.
Today many oversee vast business empires involved in construction, telecommunications and industry which dominate import-export.
Among other things, national agents oversee membership and resolve disputes.
In her new role she will continue to oversee the redevelopment.
Instead, he said he would oversee one of his partners.
There are three senior raters who oversee the ratings process, and whose names were recently released under public pressure.
Your doctor will do the following to oversee your home health care:.
Mayor appoints committee to promote, oversee census strategies.
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