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Forget going overseas to fulfill your fixer-upper farmhouse fantasies.
Airline companies, meanwhile, are increasingly wary of their dependence on overseas oil for fuel.
Hopefully a lot of the ideas so funded will attract attention here at home and not get shipped overseas for a quick buck.
Choose a company that doesn't send your tapes overseas for the work.
From big cities to groups of farmers at home or overseas.
Helium is used to maintain pressure in the fuel tanks when the vehicles are prepared for overseas air or sea shipment.
If you are traveling overseas and want to see the country from something other than a train, you can rent a car for your travels.
Automobile transportation companies can be hired in order to take care of getting your vehicle to your overseas destination.
Overseas customers, please check your local video centers for our products.
Most of them can pay to send books and magazines overseas, but not for postage to their offices or warehouses.
Much of the shark conservation campaign takes place overseas, in countries that lack shark-protection laws.
Colonialism was loosing its ebb as the new local elite gained more overseas exposure and training.
If you are taking film overseas, remove the film from the canisters and put it in clear plastic bags.
Not all of us have the days off or funds stashed to make such a journey overseas.
First putting things in perspective, being unemployed at home would certainly be worse than being employed overseas.
All this occurs, and no-one cares because you are overseas.
But my latest escapade overseas really took the prize.
When it comes to study abroad, university officials must constantly balance their overseas aspirations with the bottom line.
Others also subsidize trips overseas for college officials to visit program sites.
Sending students to study overseas is an inherently risky proposition.
They are not as difficult as some overseas commentators have suggested.
Many governments have cut back allowances for their officials overseas.
Their housing overseas is free and is in addition to their normal salaries which are often increased overseas.
By far the largest proportion of people who use informal networks are overseas workers remitting earnings to their families.
And for the people who developed the product back home, you were the gateway to their overseas markets.
Meanwhile, an attempt to restrict candidates from overseas compounded the disaster.
The rapid growth of overseas tourism frustrates the censors too.
The programme includes a one-week study visit to an overseas business school.
He has outsourced operations, shifted production overseas, sold business units and developed new ones.
Now many of those jobs have been shipped overseas and the town is plagued with unemployment.
Here are some conditions for which overseas clinics offer dubious solutions.
My mind shifted to the many thousands of troops still deployed overseas.
The last thing this economy needs is more debt-fueled consumer spending which mainly creates jobs overseas.
It moves business overseas to nations with different regulatory regimes.
Too bad two-thirds of its new jobs are going overseas.
First, the government can spend less money and send it overseas.
And beware of standard transmission, much more common overseas.
The first results amazed everyone, and delighted the customers overseas.
Chen discusses the artistic preferences of the gallery's overseas clients.
By the time the show was overseas, the story had been picked up in the mainstream press.
Overseas, things are no better, and in some places they're worse.
Ordinarily, absentee ballots are cast by older voters who cannot get to the polls and by overseas military personnel.
All the wind generator capital equipment is pretty much built overseas.
And this is a marketplace populated by independent tutors, not low-cost overseas tutors.
Not to mention those hilarious people overseas rioting over the price of food.
Apple executives say that going overseas, at this point, is their only option.
But overseas production makes it difficult to control quality.
Two prototypes will be shipped overseas later this year for a six-month demonstration.
With some technologies, both scaling and innovation take place overseas.
The policies of the last few decades have been increasingly pushing that all overseas.
If that's the case, then consumer genomics will be driven underground and/or overseas.
These figures don't include increasing sales of vehicles overseas.
They also get tax breaks as manufacturers that is intended to keep them from sending jobs overseas.
Also, if you have travelled overseas, be aware of sample bias.
You're probably not in the mood to travel overseas much, but choose something that takes you around the country.
Apparently bridal-shop bathroom humor does translate overseas.
Maximizing financial return to investors could mean slashing jobs, closing plants, and moving production overseas.
While on an overseas whirl of capers and surfing, he doctored a credit card and went on a two-year spending spree.
There are plenty of reasons for which enterprises that flounder at home sail smoothly overseas.
The speech disarmed many of his critics, at home and overseas.
They spend more not only on their staff, but also on their graduate and undergraduate students, than their peers overseas.
One of our tasks was to evaluate the role of the tanker aircraft likely to be available and of overseas bases worldwide.

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