overqualified in a sentence

Example sentences for overqualified

He was overqualified for this seemingly simple task.
But he had no money and, in fact, was overqualified for any kind of a job available to him.
The jobs once occupied by high-school kids trying to make some pocket change have been usurped by the overqualified and the aged.
Often we'll find candidates who appear grossly underqualified or overqualified.
Some will end up working as underpaid and overqualified laboratory technicians or will take adjunct faculty positions.
He is probably a lot of people, not doing the job you want to do, doing a job he's overqualified for.
First, overqualified people are often turned down for those low paying jobs because of their background.
For two of those, the employers told her she was overqualified.
Millions of others are working at jobs for which they are likely overqualified and earning less than in their previous jobs.
She has cut back on her professional experience on her resume so that she's not ruled out for being overqualified.
There, he immediately discovered that he was overqualified for the jobs that were open to him.
In some situations it may even be to your long-run advantage to consider accepting a position for which you are overqualified.
The applicant pool has included people who are overqualified, as well as those who are under-qualified.
Other employees told us that they were overqualified for some of the courses and would have benefited from more advanced training.
One was disapproved because the applicant was overqualified and was referred to a commercial lender.
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