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Example sentences for overpowering

To think that so many people were slaughtered in such a short period of time is overpowering.
The weeds were abloom with tiny purple blossoms and gave forth an overpowering fragrance.
The stench of desperation, dread and panic must be getting overpowering for you.
For centuries nature's potential for evil, its overpowering menace, made it an enemy to be subdued.
The hold itself was saturated with the overpowering smell of cacao beans.
The smell of the wards is overpowering, a nose-stinging mix of burn salves and rotting flesh.
He added that that might have had something to do with the overpowering smell of the chlorine then in use.
They add color and a country flavor to flower arrangements and center pieces without overpowering them.
The high-pitched call is rapidly repeated and can be overpowering when combined in a large chorus.
The smell is overpowering especially in the mornings and evenings.
Adults hunted by overpowering their prey, possibly in small groups.
And, as if the the overpowering smell isn't bad enough, the musk can also burn eyes and cause a temporary loss of vision.
The fan should also be fitted to the aesthetics of the room-a large fan may appear overpowering in a small room.
The impulse to end it all may be temporarily overpowering, but does not last forever.
During the latter half of a migratory season birds may show evidence of an overpowering drive to hasten to their breeding grounds.
Rabbit is constantly using his brains to overcome the obstacles placed in his way by the more overpowering animals.

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