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Example sentences for overpower

The sweeter, riper fruit-and higher alcohol levels that result-overpower subtler flavors.
With the cells open, the inmates overpower the guard and begin the largest riot in the prison's history.
Higher natures overpower lower ones by affecting them with a certain sleep.
Instead, he escalated his rhetoric, in an attempt to overpower any ambiguities.
No, because it doesn't contain enough iron for the magnetism to overpower gravity pulling the weight of all that cereal down.
Still, tourists at times can overpower the sense of a living city.
Two, shoot too directly and the light source will overpower your exposure.
After they easily overpower the small creature, they take it back to the block where they proudly display their catch.
If you think the chiles will overpower the sweetness of the corn, relax.
We don't know what the solutions are-yet, somehow, we're supposed to not allow our anxiety to overpower our lives.
He is a tough runner that can run between the tackles and overpower you, but he has elite speed and can run away from you as well.
Your business life may overpower your personal life.
He's a guy who's a pitcher, and doesn't try to overpower you.
He is way long and hits too many greens and should be able to overpower this course.
He's quick off the ball, gets low quickly and has the strength to overpower opposing offensive linemen.
The stack effect can overpower the mechanical system and disrupt ventilation and circulation in a building.
The risk of having inmates overpower an officer to steal weapons was too great.
They can overpower insects many times their own size and weight.
It will start to overpower the intersection being that close to the road and will change the character of the intersection.
Only when the bacteria or virus overpower the immune system do the signs and symptoms of disease develop.
It also depicts how, by spreading out and working together, a group of people might overpower and disarm a shooter.
Swift currents have been known to overpower large and small vessels.
It will not overpower the existing residence or result in the loss of or damage to significant architectural features.
It is illegal as well as unsafe to overpower a boat.
They should not shadow or overpower adjacent structures sign materials should be compatible with those of the historic building.
Signs should not overpower the fa├žade or cover significant architectural components.
Wall heights can be so commanding that they overpower the surrounding homes.
Ominous clouds overpower the struggling sun, foreshadowing the arrival of more severe weather to this already battered region.
Inmates rushed to unlock cells and overpower corridor officers.
Matured into a fine pitcher after realizing he could not overpower hitters.
He could overpower any number by any expression of himself.

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