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Well, sure, you can use the overpopulation in some countries as a testing group.
The foundation plans to finance a sterilization program on the island to reduce the stray overpopulation.
Fertility drops, an important factor in countries where overpopulation leads to hunger and housing shortages.
Which means that the problem gets worse and not better as overpopulation continues.
Most of our problems in the world are a result of overpopulation.
Overpopulation was a meme in the past for environmentalists.
Human overpopulation is a serious problem on this planet dispelled by many.
Better living conditions in poor countries are the solution to the world s overpopulation.
We are living the sixth, brought about by our species by overpopulation and reducing biodiversity.
Humans are so prolific that overpopulation has become a major problem.
Neither of the last two are good for food production, and humans already have an overpopulation problem.
The company insists this is mainly to prevent feline overpopulation.
The stress that overpopulation puts on the environment is obvious.
Staff has been asked to research and present options for dealing with the overpopulation of cats, particularly feral cats.
People are the root of feline overpopulation problems so common to military installations.

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