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Some fear that low-cost leverage might tempt buyers to overpay.
Fear of missing out, and thus the temptation to overpay, is growing.
Emerging-market buyers usually offer cash and tend to overpay.
RA as well as millions of economically nervous people overpay for ironing boards.
They overpay their workers with low-to-moderate skills.
Companies underpay younger workers and overpay older workers as a means of rewarding employees who stay at their jobs.
Unfortunately, the more connected board members are, the likelier they are to overpay for executive talent.
Even if you have a hefty travel budget, nobody likes to overpay.
Thus, forcing folks to either overpay for speed or bail on their initial strategy, either of which would disrupt their plans.
If you don't overpay, you will have wasted the due diligence.
Refunds are made when holders overpay on an unclaimed property report.
We may overpay you, and you may have to pay us back.
If the refunds and/or your payments overpay your state debt, the balance will be returned to you.
Sometimes someone finds a bargain, or for reasons specific to them decides to overpay.
Customers will overpay on their accounts, or send remittances with no indication as to which account the payment applies.

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