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Some prefer to pare peaches, sprinkle with sugar, and let stand overnight.
When all have caught their horses the rest are again turned loose, together with those that have been kept up overnight.
No one must expect that the interpretations of his dreams will come to him overnight without any exertion.
It also encourages family involvement in campus events held for students, such as orientation sessions and overnight activities.
One of the best-kept secrets of the lost-baggage world is that all airlines have small overnight amenity kits available.
Many evening and weekend hours are required with overnight stays.
Colleges frequently invite consultants for overnight fly-ins, providing hotel accommodations, meals and transportation.
Extensive travel to affiliated school districts, with occasional overnight stays, is a regular part of the role.
Measured in ecosystem time, that change had occurred virtually overnight.
New housing, new roads, and new sports venues seem to spring up overnight.
And the wilderness areas have strict overnight camping ceilings to prevent overcrowding and damage to the flora and fauna.
Copycat cereal manufacturers popped up overnight, and the town became the birthplace of the cereal industry.
Soaking the bottles overnight is an optional step if you both clean and sterilize the bottles the next day.
Shelters and huts dot the route for overnight accommodation.
Thaw frozen seafood in the refrigerator overnight, placing it in a dish to catch any water that melts off.
They serve as blinds for watching wildlife, religious retreats, dormitories and overnight resort suites.
For a richer hue, let eggs sit in the blueberry-infused water after cooling for a few hours or overnight.
Both berries and rabbit arrived at my doorstep via overnight delivery, packed in dry ice.
Rinse with clear water and soak in clear water overnight.
Almost overnight, the graceful trees that created arching green bowers over countless towns had been felled.
There are bathrooms and a cafeteria at the site as well as a fire pit for overnight campers, who must bring their own wood.
Many of the hiking areas are in parks that allow for overnight camping.
Science isn't going to cure cancer by next week or clean up the gulf oil spill overnight.
The new overnight lodgings, built by large corporations at great expense, have combined features of the motel and hotel.
Essentially overnight, people began making copies at a rate that was orders of magnitude higher than anyone had believed possible.
It's reasonably sensitive and well-constructed, so a well-written app could transform it from a toy to a tool overnight.
New technologies and business models emerge almost overnight.
As long as you give the adhesive the chance to stick overnight, it should hold.
Autocracy, corruption and strife will not disappear overnight.
The same job could have been done by a well-staffed economics think tank with the authority to talk about the overnight rate.
In the overnight period, the capacity being regulated to match demand is almost always coal-fired generation.
Such investors would be unlikely to sell overnight since they have few ready alternatives.
What the central bankers add at longer-term maturities, they will take out in the overnight market.
Almost overnight the east, once a scene of low-wattage gloom, became the in-place.
Many have fallen overnight from highly rated investment grade to junk.
After all, the government has been known to double the price of petrol overnight to bring it into line with inflation.
The history of financial panics suggests this transition doesn't happen overnight.
These would draw energy from the grid overnight, then be used to reduce peak daytime demand for power.
People don't change their deeply held convictions overnight.
Cosmic strings became old-fashioned almost overnight.
The immediate advantage of plug-ins is the option to recharge at home overnight.
After fasting overnight and having their blood fat levels tested, the subjects ate up.
If they did however, it would pretty much change the world overnight.
Of course diabetes is increasing--you can't stop an avalanche overnight.
And you still have no power for overnight or a week of cloudy weather.
Refrigerate in the crock overnight, then start it in the morning.
They let the syrup steep overnight, and whatever mix of blossom colors they use, the syrup seems to turn pink.
To firm loose gravel, he watered it with a hose and allowed it to harden overnight.
In today's cyberspace-paced world, ingredients evolve from gourmet to everyday practically overnight.
For overnight backpacking, you first get a free permit from any park visitor center.
Water the bed thoroughly, then let it settle overnight before planting.
Aphid infestations often seem to develop overnight, but they rarely last longer than a few weeks.
After completing the design and allowing the caulking to dry, she applied tile grout and left it to dry overnight.
Overnight in refrigerator, to protect flavor and retain juices.
Remove the jars with tongs and then allow to cool overnight.
Let the mixture soak overnight and then strain into smaller bottles.
Then, they went into the fridge to cold-soak overnight.
Though the rain usually stops overnight, the high humidity level created by the rainfall won't allow the moisture to evaporate.
Scheduled overnight charters from other cities are great for mini-vacations.
Visitors find overnight accommodations for families, couples and outdoor enthusiasts.
Some packages offer a combination of hotel and overnight train accommodations.
If it's a staged job or a voice-over scam, it would have to be an awfully artful one, done quickly overnight.
Rub the mixture all over the rabbit pieces and place on a rack in your refrigerator overnight, uncovered.
Deficit reduction and fiscal reform are not going to occur overnight.
Reindeer grazing freely in search of reindeer lichen overnight can disperse across few kilometers.
Let dough rise for one hour at room temperature or overnight in the refrigerator.
My father took an intense, overnight interest in the race.
Their roles and self-conceptions are not going to change dramatically overnight, no matter how cataclysmic an economic event.
Stir in vinegar and mustard, mix well and set aside for several hours or overnight before eating.
Try to regulate the food industry overnight and you'll fail.
The process of coming to understand global economic cooperation as within a country's self-interest doesn't happen overnight.
But they must recognize that change won't happen overnight.
Sure, one can't change the apparel industry overnight.
Mix this marinade well, cover the bowl with a towel and let it stand in a cool place or in the refrigerator overnight.
Blend the mixture gently, cover it, and allow it to ripen overnight.
If you have time, cover the fat with water and leave it overnight in the fridge, which will extract some of the blood.
Leave it overnight in the fridge so the fat solidifies, then portion it into quarts and put it in the freezer.
The mushrooms develop more flavor, though, if you use the slower method of soaking them in tepid water for six hours or overnight.
The frozen ones must be prepared as soon as they are defrosted and the fresh ones should not be kept longer than overnight.
Overnight fame can unsteady a twenty-nine-year-old, especially when the fame stirs as much resentment as admiration.
One foundation of state control over the economy had been destroyed, almost literally overnight.
But despite appearances, the transformation did not take place overnight.
The budgetary surpluses that took a decade to achieve were undermined virtually overnight.
There are games that can be played in transportation for real reasons where a piece of paper and a crayon will work overnight.
All the ingredients are mixed in water and left overnight.
The problem won't be solved overnight, but there are reasons to be optimistic.
Heck, it will make rocket science obsolete overnight.
For example, a car could be plugged in overnight with the expectation that in the morning it will be ready for driving.
Fusion won't impact gas consumption overnight, but then again these new oil resources won't go live overnight either.
Let's take the power plant that stores heat for overnight power generation, pictured above.
These kinds of innovations can change people's lives for the better overnight.
Bons mots that once could have enjoyed a half-life of a season can decay overnight into cliches.
They then spread a mixture of these strains in petri dishes containing growth media and incubated them overnight.
In the not too distant future, they will all become obsolete overnight.
And plenty of electricity is available, particularly overnight.
Nicole slipped into her pajamas and grabbed her overnight bag.
In considering their verdicts, the jury were required to stay overnight in a hotel.
The bacteria were swabbed over a nutrient plate and left to grow overnight, resulting in this living, shining work of art.
Overnight, antibiotics became the standard treatment.
Below the fold is a taste of the games my computer has been up to overnight.
Whether you enjoyed this or not, the author's intent was to explore an idea, not necessarily change the world overnight.
When the team released mosquitoes into the greenhouses overnight, they found fewer in the hut with perfume dispenser.
When all the troughs are filled, the plate is put in the incubator overnight.
If you cut the cap off, put it on a white piece of paper and let it sit overnight.
The ear was not an overnight invention, but the product of an inconceivably long evolutionary tinkering.
In other words: come home, plug it in overnight, drive away the next morning.
Mentions one case in which a house appreciated in value by almost fifty per cent overnight.
The moody father is transformed overnight into the benevolent paterfamilias.
The old playwriting establishment was swept away almost overnight.
He found that several inches of water had collected overnight.
He hadn't closed the balcony door overnight, and when he breathed out a small cloud of vapor rose from his mouth.
He said elder flower and peppermint will cure a cold overnight.
He died in a car crash, and his twin brother's hair turned white overnight.
Thinking about it overnight, he could come up with no particular reason either to reject or to endorse the match.
If you feel that your jeans are getting a little stank, put them in a plastic bag and store them in the freezer overnight.
Reactions against people who have made impressive sums of money virtually overnight are usually rooted in insecurity.
Most psychological conditions don't strike overnight.
Though the decision helped spur the civil rights movement and paved the way for integration, it was not welcomed overnight.
Several slices of pizza have been left out overnight.

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