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Overlay back boards so they are flush and square with bottom of crosspiece and aligned on marks drawn on boards.
Never for an instant does it incrust the business,-as the rhetorician would do,-nor ever overlay it with decoration.
The underneath layer was a solid blue material, and it had a sheer blue overlay.
The astonishing thing is you do not even need to overlay real bars-even illusory ones will do.
Refinement and improvement of emission metrics would be an ongoing overlay process.
The tone is at once polite and arrogant, with a weird overlay of crackpot earnestness.
Dark matter cannot be photographed, but its distribution is shown in the blue overlay.
He hinted here and there that it was actually the large bureaucratic overlay that was going to wind up being obsolete.
Overlay that how we're nurtured and the social environment within which we're raised.
There's a metaphysical overlay to this latticework of life stories that weaves us together.
That's where the sound mixer comes in, to combine and overlay all the sounds and set them at appropriate volumes.
The story also had a thriller overlay, later dropped, that they thought would attract studio financing.
Shown here is an x-ray of the brain with an overlay revealing the location of each electrode.
The robot would overlay these maps to build a composite that highlights any striking areas.
Already, users can overlay information about landmarks and businesses on live images on their phone's screens.
The server sends the modified image back to the cell phone with its overlay of virtual objects.
It also seems to overlap and overlay the left upper one.
Exceptions aside, the overlay between the two maps is startlingly accurate.
Genetic change can overlay archaeological or cultural continuity.
Overlay mixed use in solely residential neighborhoods and you will rehire retail folks.
So there must be another overlay system that divides power between tribes.
When you are sick, the emotional overlay is much much worse.
Upper section of dress has an appliqu├ęd chiffon overlay.
Using computer software, the researchers are able to overlay adjacent video frames to see how the beads move.
But the overlay of human violence on its geography is unremittingly ugly.
The liner features a nylon overlay and low-profile styling and functions as a versatile softshell jacket when worn on its own.
Shiny plastic-screen overlay robs the reader of some of its direct-sunlight skills.
Soon, contact lenses may be able to overlay information directly onto your eyeball.
But the real draw is the fabric overlay that transforms the usual dorky dome into a fetching hat.
To take a snap, you line up your face with on-screen guides, or show a ghostly overlay from a previous shot.
These aren't a return to old farmer's markets, this is some kind of weird long-tail micro-economic overlay.
Or if subscriber trends or media business supported a partisan overlay to the financial problems of big media companies.
Mashups take the map grids and overlay them with information.

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