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Example sentences for overlapping

Broods generally are geographically based, but there can be some overlapping.
Their strikingly colored carapace is serrated and has overlapping scutes, or thick bony plates.
Or some are piled double on each other, or even triple, and some divided at one end and overlapping at the other.
People who live in tiny houses, or aspire to, appear to fall into one of three overlapping categories.
As the press has noted, the plan would consolidate our myriad and overlapping regulators into fewer, bigger ones.
Further, overlapping connections between factions may then form a basis for overall reconciliation.
Ideally tapping into magma centers would allow increased thermal diversion through tectonic overlapping.
Quantum entanglement is a reality manifested by interactions and correlations between overlapping wave packets.
So these areas were both overlapping and engaged with both of these conditions.
It erupted from a tangle of overlapping yet conflicting urges, which would be fitted out with later rationalizations.
However, in this case the problem is that you would get multiple overlapping diffraction patterns.
Take the graphical user interface and the overlapping windows interface.
No state has quite so many overlapping systems of accountability or such a gerrymandered legislature.
The area is subject to various overlapping concessions, including preliminary licences for conversion to palm-oil plantations.
It is a muddle of thousands of overlapping counties, cities and districts.
Instead, there will be many overlapping and interconnected wireless networks.
Most disasters come as the result of overlapping causes, none of them fatal in themselves.
Wrap the long edge of a sheet of extra-wide parchment paper around the perimeter of the pan, overlapping the edges.
The design of the whole dance is complex in its overlapping.
But he also said that separating overlapping software offered by both companies was no easy task.
In the next few days the head expands, the overlapping disappears, and the edges of the bony plates meet edge to edge.
Once a merged organization cuts out overlapping costs, the only way to make a merger pay off is to increase revenue.
He had little blocks of overlapping pieces of the puzzle, and basically, he fit the pieces together.

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