overkill in a sentence

Example sentences for overkill

What is appropriate for a bank, for example, would be overkill for a small company.
That's fine, as long as the league doesn't go overkill in the other direction.
Some worry the efforts are overkill and will become a sort of self-fulfilling prophecy.
Yes, it's probably overkill for the needs of the average college student.
Talk about overkill, if you'll pardon the expression.
It was complete and utter overkill for an airport of that size and traffic.
Using it straight out of the bottle might be overkill, but it won't be dangerous to eat the food.
It would be overkill to restrict their trading rights and impose indeterminable new costs that will be borne by.
We soon found that this was overkill because the devices are so simple.
Now, again, we're talking about overkill of the administrative review appeal process.
Additionally, year-round monitoring maybe overkill for some research objectives.
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