overindulgence in a sentence

Example sentences for overindulgence

Few have ever described-or lived-the attractions and exhaustions of overindulgence more vividly.
Stop subsidising overindulgence in dodgy consumer credit.
But the holidays are traditionally the time for gastronomic overindulgence.
For single people, that overindulgence might manifest itself as drunk-dialing an ex-lover or an ill-advised booty call.
Three little scoops offered variety without overindulgence.
There isn't a winking absence of underwear or overindulgence of cleavage.
As people find more disposable income in their pockets, they also find too many temptations for gastronomical overindulgence.
Overindulgence can be dealt with by adopting innovative approaches to teaching.
It's also the season of overindulgence in those treats.
Poe did in fact have a drinking problem, but his problem was a low tolerance level rather than overindulgence.
And excuses for overindulgence are as easy to find as holiday cheer.
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