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Example sentences for overhaul

Senate last night gave final approval to a budget blueprint that sets the stage for an overhaul of student lending.
Planning experts say these laws are due for a major overhaul.
Nothing less than an overhaul of the systems that implement federal policies will suffice.
Universities recruit professors worldwide in ambitious overhaul.
Your goal is to overhaul each city district by completing a wide range of projects.
It is increasingly being considered for the much needed overhaul of the central grids.
She is also leading a major and necessary overhaul of the nation's fishing policy.
Past efforts by presidents to overhaul big-time college athletics have rarely resulted in significant changes.
The law orders up two reports on regulatory overhaul.
To help consumers understand their cars' fuel costs and environmental impacts, fuel efficiency labels have gotten an overhaul.
Now scientists have taken this body-image overhaul a step further.
It suggests that a fundamental overhaul of the review process is called for.
Unfortunately such an overhaul of the system is not likely to occur.
In the attempt to make work pay, there will be a thorough overhaul of the tax and benefit systems.
The signs are that this will merely tinker with the system, not give it the radical overhaul it needs.
The broader overhaul of welfare has barely begun, and will be complex and costly.
For a start, he wants to overhaul the framework within which standards are set.
But it takes years for the companies that make the silicon chips to overhaul their strategies.
Many are having to overhaul their product lines because of the growing concern of consumers and governments about obesity.
There have already been several attempts to overhaul the system.
The tax system, too, would undergo a radical overhaul.
It gives new powers to the prime minister and parliament and inaugurates a much-needed overhaul of the judiciary.
Bureaucratic, multilayered planning laws do need an overhaul.
If he's right, neuroscientists may be forced to overhaul their view of how the human brain works.
Plus, crucially, an overhaul of the financing system so that resources are distributed fairly.
But to implement them, telecom companies must license expensive new spectrum and overhaul cell-tower and handset technology.
It's a difficult task to completely overhaul the silicon sensor used in cell phone cameras because it's a cost-sensitive device.
There was a call for an overhaul of the educational system.
For years, the district council struggled to find tenants to justify the costly overhaul.
On the self-esteem and personal-growth side, divorce requires a complete overhaul.
To avoid creating vast new opportunities for adversaries, the overhaul should be incremental and small-scale.
There are plans to vote on a total repeal of the health care overhaul before the end of the month.
We had installed a new editor as a first step toward a major overhaul.
Self-identifying with a narcissistic military genius is not your typical celebrity-image overhaul.
He spared no expense in an ambitious, three-month overhaul of the property.
One year after the health insurance overhaul bill became law, you'd think public opinion would be easy to read.
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