overhang in a sentence

Example sentences for overhang

When it rains, he takes refuge under an overhang from the building.
The geriatric overhang now seems to have been dealt with.
Rear overhang turns the convertible sofa into a trampoline at highway speeds.
It has incredible layering, including an overhang under which you could walk for some distance into deep, dark shadow.
The structure would be surrounded by a gracious public park, and tourists would crowd the observation deck on the overhang.
There also appears to be an overhang from the roofline.
He warned that a growing overhang of foreclosed properties would suppress the recovery, and how right he was.
We're still living with that overhang and uncertainty.
Hanging by her fingertips, with her toes slotted into pockets in the rock, she was briefly stymied by the overhang.
Tree frogs use aquatic habitats to reproduce by laying eggs on leaves that overhang freshwater.
The economy is hamstrung-still crippled by a debt overhang.
Fold overhang under and press against rim of pie plate, then crimp decoratively.
Brush pastry overhang with some of milk, then cover pie with pastry round.
Fold overhang inward to reinforce side, then trim flush with edge of pan.
Line bowl with plastic wrap, leaving an overhang all around.
Speaking of trade, here is a story about the incredible inventory overhang in shipping.
Though the world economy is on the mend the huge overhang of new vessels on order will present a problem for shipping companies.
Not only is it able to climb a vertical wall, it can even manage one with an overhang.
Worse, by running the printing presses red-hot, his government created a colossal monetary overhang.
The housing overhang also probably means the construction industry will face a higher rate of structural unemployment.
Even if the pace of modification quickens, the overhang of unsold homes will remain dauntingly large.
It starts with a large debt overhang and low inflation.
But, sooner or later, the overhang of monetary liabilities would undermine confidence in the key currency.
Secondly, if the debt overhang is accepted as the problem, then expansionary monetary policy needs to better target that problem.
If the government ceased supporting mortgage markets while the supply overhang continues, then prices would surely fall sharply.
Rain was coming up and under the overhang into the concourse as a nearby tornado siren wailed.
While one overhang methodology works well for some locations, it can be completely inappropriate for others.
The overhang reinforcing steel must satisfy both the overhang requirements and the deck requirements.
The overhang was positioned either at the top of the upper window aperture or between the upper and lower apertures.
Acting on the bottom surface of the overhang in combination with pressures acting on the top surface.
The installation of overhang brackets on the fascia beams is under way.
The melted water will drain along the roof, under the snow, until it reaches the cold overhang.
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