overhand in a sentence

Example sentences for overhand

Snakes should go into a pillowcase or cloth bag tied with an overhand knot and then into another pillowcase that is also tied.
With reference to the paper then, the speed accuracy tradeoff would emerge when using an overhand shallow throw.
Underhand, not overhand, is the natural way to throw a ball.
Fantasy owners don't care whether he throws overhand, side-armed or underhand.
While the climbing area is rather small, you'll find challenges such as overhand climbing along with pocket and crack climbing.
His seven knockout victories are a testament to his heavy hands, particularly his overhand right.
There were overhand rights and rights to the body and left jabs and hooks to the head and body.
Selected movement concepts of the following manipulative skills: roll, underhand throw, and overhand throw.
These mortars shall be able to be used on horizontal, vertical and overhand locations.
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