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We have the benefit of cover, lush overgrowth and ancient ruins.
Cities can develop in ways that prevent overgrowth and crowding.
Farmers were clearing their land of brush and overgrowth, so there were a lot of fires in the area.
Many of our problems are linked to overgrowth of human population.
Others have become mere mounds of rock covered by centuries of dirt, still hidden away in the overgrowth.
More than a dozen squat brick buildings are largely shrouded in overgrowth.
It raises the possibility of treatments for acne, scalp conditions and hair overgrowth.
So an overgrowth of these pathogens would cause normal body channels to become a kind of electrical channel.
Polyps usually develop from sinus infections that cause overgrowth of the mucus membrane in the nose.
As a result, the bone beneath the cartilage changes and develops bony overgrowth.
These measurements help determine the condition of the connective tissue and amount of gingival overgrowth or recession.
And despite periodic explosions of theatrical inventiveness, its luxuriant verbal overgrowth can reach the point of suffocation.
Candidiasis is a yeast infection that causes a whitish overgrowth in the mouth.
As a result, estrogen is produced continuously, causing an overgrowth of the uterus lining.
Polyps themselves may be consequences of previous sinus infections that caused overgrowth of the nasal membrane.
The air chills and dampens in the shaded overgrowth.

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