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Example sentences for overgrown

How to rejuvenate and transform overgrown, tangled shrubs.
When they become overgrown and stop blooming well, it's time to dig up clumping perennials and cut them apart.
To maximize the view, he cleared out overgrown trees and shrubs.
Rejuvenate old, overgrown plants by cutting a few of the oldest stems to the ground each year.
Overgrown plants can quickly dominate a compact area.
Even the over-large mesclun had managed not to get bitter or leathery, as overgrown lettuce is prone to do.
We have overgrown out share of the environment, and are crowding out everything else.
Yet our college system, overgrown into mediocrity, continues to market itself as a good investment to all.
The little compound that surrounded it was overgrown.
What deafness, what stone-blind custom, what overgrown error you behold is there only by sufferance-by your sufferance.
The weakening of the overgrown financial sector will benefit everyone but the financial sector.
Already many cities have overgrown and become unmanageable.
Layman public should learn the principles, on which every overgrown community of people is based.
Keep ponds from becoming overgrown with aquatic plants.
We did lots of weeding so that their enclosures weren't overgrown.
Overfishing removes grazers that keep reefs from being overgrown with algae.
In overgrown sites, archaeologists now piece together this civilization with the aid of satellite technology.
Rows of white and pastel apartment blocks stand vacant, their windows dark and their lower stories overgrown.
Cervical tumors might be innocuous but overgrown warts.
Overgrown swamps and ponds lapped close to either side.
The railroad tracks were rusty, the land was overgrown.
Hundreds of sites are in the region, some explored and excavated, others overgrown.
Nearby you can find partially overgrown ruins dating back centuries.
His beautiful blocky head, his wonderful overgrown puppy's body, his baritone bark filled every corner of house and heart.
The overgrown landscaping obscuring the building is typical for the neighborhood.
The goat herd is busy browsing the overgrown hillside behind the courthouse.
Over the years this unique area was neglected and became overgrown with invasive plants.
Dog-less rabbit hunters should first target overgrown fence rows near pasture lands.
Managed fire is used to reduce wildfire risks and benefit natural resources by thinning overgrown vegetation.
Overgrown weeds, junk cars, and other concerns about your neighborhood.
The site, on a former air base, is overgrown and unprotected.

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