overgraze in a sentence

Example sentences for overgraze

Tannins and tough stems in this plant make it unpalatable to grazers, which in turn overgraze the surrounding native plants.
Do not overgraze any one area-spread out your stock use when grazing in meadows.
Where they have no predators, nutria can overgraze wetlands, exposing their fragile organic soils.
Cattle will generally avoid leafy spurge and subsequently overgraze more desirable neighboring plants.
Cattle may selectively overgraze surrounding vegetation, thereby favoring the thistle.
When horses are allowed to overgraze, bare spots develop and the pasture quality suffers.
Unable to disperse to new areas, burgeoning prairie dog towns may overgraze the available vegetation.
Large flocks can overgraze lawns, littering yards and docks with droppings and molted feathers.
As a consequence the cattle would congregate mainly on the national forest portion near the water and overgraze it.
Livestock tend to overgraze favored areas and plants while neglecting others.
In some cases ranchers deliberately overgraze an area and come in with seed.
Irrigation activities have forced the pastoral communities to overgraze their rangelands.
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