overeat in a sentence

Example sentences for overeat

Drugs could be designed to blunt the desire to overeat, drink, or smoke.
Then the only trick is not to overeat, but savor the distinct qualities of the foods you've found.
Why are companies allowed to push people to overeat.
Unrewarding jobs and stressful life situations may cause people to overeat or eat unhealthily.
Away from the conference, locals bemoan the cultural pressure to overeat and the general complacency about being big.
Somehow, therefore, a fully functioning leptin system can still produce a dangerous urge to overeat.
If someone chooses to overeat and become obese, why should others have to suffer as a result of their poor health choices.
Not all fat-fighting drugs curb the urge to overeat.
Swithers stops short of saying that the animals in her study were compelled to overeat to compensate for phantom calories.
After hitting their goals, patients go on less expensive maintenance programs, designed to help them fend off cravings to overeat.
But many farm animals, such as a horse or cow, will overeat to the point they will make themselves sick.
Dining with someone who is thin but who eats a lot of food, in particular, may cause you to overeat.
Sure, there are people that overeat and do not exercise.
Diversify your diet a little bit, with some salads and stuff, and don't overeat every time you go out to a restaurant.
They are more likely to smoke, drink and overeat, leading to obesity.
Some people might overeat and become obese because a piece of their genetic makeup is askew.
Lack of sleep can make you overeat, cause dizziness, make you sluggish and affect your mood.
The stretch is also accommodating if you have swelling or overeat during your travels.
People with stress overeat and then get more depressed about it all, leaving little motivation to take care of themselves.
Choosing the right foods and being careful not to overeat can put you well on your way to a heartburn-free holiday.
In some cases of atypical depression, people overeat and may gain weight.
Avoid skipping meals since you may overeat later in the day.
It's easy to overeat when your attention is focused on something else.
When these birds are given unrestricted access to feed, they will overeat and become obese.
Write one thing in your worksheet that you could change to make it easier for you not to overeat in this room.
There are lots of things you can do to control your urges to overeat.
Imagine if one were to eat unhealthy food and overeat.
If you arrive hungry, you're more likely to overeat.
Modern commercial strains of broiler chickens tend to overeat when given free access to feed.
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