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Many experts warn that the world is overdue, and unprepared, for a global influenza pandemic.
Their three-week mission was akin to that of a doctor giving a patient a long-overdue physical exam.
Removing the artificial wall between academic and public history is long overdue.
We simply had some miscommunication between us about who was responsible for a couple of things, and bang, payments were overdue.
With battery technology advances long overdue, researchers are racing to develop more efficient ways to store power.
Out political system is long overdue for some major revisions.
Investment in the electrical grid is overdue, regardless of how our electricity is generated or consumed.
Many would argue that this experiment was necessary, worthwhile, and long overdue.
Librarian sends debt collectors after an eight-year-old with overdue books.
Everyone knew that compulsory testing of blood donors was long overdue.
One might argue this is an overdue swing of the pendulum.
Yet a serious, transparent review of the intelligence system's strengths and limitations is overdue.
Using regulations to amend the law, which is years overdue to be revised, has been under consideration for months.
Bigger changes are required, and they are long overdue.
The requirements are reasonable, vital and long overdue.
And experts are again warning that the world is overdue for a pandemic.
Devoting our national resources to finding a cure is long overdue.
And a by-product of the credit crunch seems to be an overdue market re-evaluation.
So some of the latest drop may simply be an overdue statistical correction.
But the long-overdue hearing is being overshadowed by accusations of a lesser sort: corruption and political interference.
To others, however, they are a long-overdue attempt to gauge a putatively cheap fuel's true external costs.
Under him, the currently hide-bound regulator might well undertake a long-overdue root-and-branch reform of securities markets.
The sudden hysteria is perplexing, but serious concern is long overdue.
It has taken steps to promote the yuan as a reserve currency-a status that some believe is long overdue.
But, maddeningly, ruling-party politicians voted to impose a one-year delay on this overdue reform.
The time is long overdue for this administration to focus on getting serious about revitalizing our financial future.
Report of overdue administrative debts to credit reporting agencies.
Collection of overdue debts by administrative offset.
Report of overdue program overpayment debts to consumer reporting agencies.
There are two teams of overdue parties currently on the mountain.

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Finally and long overdue, your people, oppressed and disgraced by hatred and maliciousness, have achieved j... more
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