overdrive in a sentence

Example sentences for overdrive

Their sniffers ran on overdrive for several hours following the injection.
Too much sends it into overdrive and can have a negative impact on function.
And with the uptick in demand, chocolatiers are throwing experimentation into overdrive.
Overdrive manages digital rights for e-books in nearly every format.
Growth, and with it the stock market, went into overdrive.
For the moment, the bail-out tacticians are in overdrive.
But because the opportunity to be creative is now in reach, the desire for the means to be creative goes into overdrive.
Overdrive, a large e-book distributor for libraries, released its app for e-books.
The manual's sixth gear is essentially overdrive, lowering engine revs to boost freeway fuel economy.
The result will send both parties' spin machines into overdrive.
The transmission has overdrive which makes highway driving easy.
The present difficulty is not an economy that has stalled, but one that is stuck in overdrive.
Then your metabolism would really have to go into overdrive.
My car is unusual in that it has a stick shift and electric overdrive instead of auto.
Your blood pressure and pulse become elevated, and you sweat heavily as your body goes into overdrive.
Overdrive lets you check out ebooks using your library card.
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