overdrawn in a sentence

Example sentences for overdrawn

It is a spectacle of horror which can not be overdrawn.
Some people believe that its impact, for good or ill, is overdrawn.
My checking account is overdrawn by a thousand seven hundred and eighty-four dollars.
Overdraft fees will still kick in for overdrawn checks and automatic payments.
Their climax is a bit overdrawn and there are a few vague spots along the way.
Fortunately for millions of imbibers, though, reports of a government-induced vodka drought turned out to be a bit overdrawn.
The dire conclusion about coming anarchy seems overdrawn.
The comedy succeeds because the objectively ridiculous, overdrawn emotions of the characters must seem real and immediate to them.
Payment of the overdraft is expected at the time the account is overdrawn.
We do not charge an overdraft fee if the account is overdrawn less than the amount of our fee.
Let's not mention the daily fee tacked on top for each day the account is overdrawn.
Sometimes it is a struggle to make the ends meet and the account gets overdrawn on accident.
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