overdraw in a sentence

Example sentences for overdraw

But if you don't have the fees, people will overdraw their accounts.
Grant shrewdly conserved himself throughout his career and wisely knew not to overdraw the goodwill he had accrued.
Of course, you're probably not planning to overdraw your checking account, but mistakes do happen.
Moreover, customers who overdraw their accounts are made aware of the consequences of their actions.
The bottom line is that your lunch caused you to overdraw your account.
The final rule should apply only to programs that use computer software to clear transactions that would overdraw an account.
We do not advertise any kind of incentive to overdraw an account.
If checks or other transactions are processed before the hold is released you may overdraw your account and incur overdraft fees.
Thus, when they write a check knowing it will overdraw their account, the customer is choosing to pay the fee.
The customer has control over how many items he or she issues or uses in any given day that could overdraw the account.
And be sure to record the purchase as well as the cash withdrawal, so you don't overdraw your account.
It is possible to overdraw the card in some situations.
As a majority of the customers never overdraw their account, this inconvenience is not fair to them.
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