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Example sentences for overdone

Replacing these lost stores is essential but rehydration can be overdone.
But while the format sound original, the plot sounds boring and overdone.
And people in the cinema world use it to mean pictorial effects that are overdone.
While the physical repairs were much needed, and appreciated, the overdone paint job was a shock.
Avocado salsa and goat cheese top the burger, compensating for the lack of flavor in the overdone meat.
Occasionally, the intricacies seem a little overdone.
To trot out another overdone cliche, if at first you don't succeed, try and try again.
The embellishment must never be heavy-handed, never gauche, never overdone.
Overdone as it is, some horse race coverage is perfectly justified.
On the whole, it may be conceded that this department of literature is overdone.
Everything about these people was overdone, from the timbre of their voices to the sparkle of their jewelry.
The hype is vastly overdone and becoming ever more desperate.
The three-bar grille is tastefully executed, and the domed hood manages not to look overdone.
Fears about the safety of mobile phones are overdone.
But concerns about what lurked on insurers' balance-sheets have probably been overdone.
The government is striving to prevent this but the fretting may be overdone.
Now, as is the nature of these debates, people are trying to argue that it is overdone.
But the instant enthusiasm for the agreement does seem a bit overdone.
There is still gloomy talk about how long the whole process will take, but this may be overdone.
But concerns that inflation is about to pick up are probably overdone.
To judge by the rise in oil prices thus far, such fears are overdone.
Look carefully, though, and much of today's gloom is as overdone as the military metaphors that now pepper the currency debate.
Even the claims about individuals fleeing the state are overdone, he argues.
In spite of all these developments, some fund managers believe the gloom is overdone.
But worries that an oil boom could spark a fight for control are overdone.
The reports of disaster then were overdone, and ready-meals were selling well.
It's been a flight to safety, and it's been overdone.
Some believe that the fears over the impact on insurers of the disreputable, flaky mineral are overdone.
And the puff for personal pensions has been overdone.
Dar looks as if he lifted weights a lot but hasn't, as yet, overdone it.
It is easy to see that harsh or ironical criticism of art collectors who have been fooled by imitations may be overdone.
However, it is recommended that this not be overdone.
If the warm-water treatment is overdone, the specimens may be spoiled by the absorption of too much moisture.
Normally, if you are sore any longer than two days, you've probably overdone it a bit.
The extensiveness of the photovoltaics section seemed quite a bit overdone to me as well.
The only way consumers can really know when food is safely cooked-and not overdone-is to use a food thermometer.
In particular, the emphasis on liability is being overdone.
Lighting should enable the sign to be easily read, but should not be overdone.
Note taking and nods and grunts, if not overdone, can indicate interest and keep your employee talking.
Repeated exposure to the same warning may increase effectiveness if it is not overdone.
In a world fraught with liability risk, lawyers' concerns are not entirely unwarranted, but they can be overdone.
The graphics are either overdone-detracting from the report-or too scant to adequately support the poster's focus.
At the same time, it is important that the response of management to these concerns not be overdone.
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