overcompensate in a sentence

Example sentences for overcompensate

They intensify blue, causing red and green to overcompensate in the image.
We overcompensate and try to be extra-available in all sorts of ways.
However, the method used to compute payment rates tended to overcompensate for inflation.
Unless compensation proposals explicitly considered that phenomenon, they might overcompensate some property owners.
Thus, the loan program may overcompensate when production is marketed at prices above the level used to lock in the loan benefit.
Each member must contribute equally so that a few members do not unfairly have to overcompensate.
In a heart under severe stress, some cells die and others overcompensate.
One innate characteristic of the human mind is to overcompensate for any form of added security.
Maybe it was simply trying to overcompensate for its earlier failure to investigate complaints against the recalled tires.
Problems arise when designers overcompensate for differences in standards and design of infrastructure.

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