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Example sentences for overcame

They knew that their mothers were still a bit apprehensive, but their curiosity overcame them.
But in the end his fear of appearing fearful overcame his caution.
Now the intellectuals can start musing about the hidden strengths that overcame all those too-evident weaknesses.
The two researchers overcame these challenges through clever engineering.
The way he overcame his lack of inches promises to change the face of cricket by inspiring others of short stature to emulate him.
Our night traveler had been stewed in a clay pot with star anise gravy, which overcame the bird's slightly gamy taste.
But once he overcame the challenge of getting mangosteens to bear, the thrill was gone.
He overcame temptations by discovering them to his director, and submitting to his advice with regard to his conduct under them.
By humility and resolution he overcame several contradictions of his chapter and other clergy.
All she overcame was the idea that this was the special burden of the modern period.
Some bought their way out of a prisoner-of-war camp by becoming agents, or overcame a compromised position in this way.
Race appears to be central, and specifically his own perception of how he overcame barriers.

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For the writer, there is nothing quite like having someone say that he or she understands, that you have reached them an... more
He saw me, and yielded, that I may justly say, with the hook-nosed fellow of Rome, "I came, saw, and overcamemore
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