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Example sentences for overblown

In general, the concept that players play their best in the last year of their contract is probably overblown.
The matter of steroid use in professional sports has been vastly overblown.
As tax season draws to a close, many taxpayers are discovering that predictions of a refund windfall were overblown.
Officials at the research council say such concerns are overblown.
Overblown verbs, explosive nouns, beautifully bungled prepositions.
The national security defense frequently collapses on close inspection--or proves wildly overblown.
But any claims for imminent scientific veracity are overblown.
Parental worries about the prevalence of bad language may be overblown.
It is my opinion that the fears of radiation are misinformed and generally overblown.
It seems to me that much of the discussion of hydraulic fracturing seems overblown and driven by larger agendas.
Many of the claims that have been made are overblown.
But many others in the field propose that some of these statements may be overblown.
People are getting more information about climate studies now and realizing how overblown the alarmists statements are.
Your condescension toward new technology and fresh ideas is tedious and overblown.
The idea of heat in this situation where photons can't even get around might be overblown.
But your words speak loudly of overblown claims too.
The negative impact of cap and trade or fee and dividend laws on our economy is way overblown.
Watt and other committee members argue that some of the criticisms are overblown.
In part, the mission suffered from overblown expectations.
His arrogance and overblown self-importance really exposes him.
For all this, though, the comparison has been overblown.
He found that for catarrhines, claims about evolutionary histories being rewritten are indeed overblown.
Didn't need the excited, overblown commentary either.
Some contrarians say concerns about exotic pathogens are overblown, that it's no use devoting resources to stanch an epidemic.
The literary fiction thing is overblown, if not actually a bit of a con job and a hoax.
The case that religion causes misery for people is completely overblown.
Many make overblown claims and many parrot what has been told to them.
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