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Example sentences for overbearing

The general stayed on as army commander, casting an overbearing shadow.
Great place to travel, busy in high season but not overbearing.
Day after day an overbearing colleague grates on your nerves.
Cuomo, at a campaign event last month, has been called overbearing by some subordinates.
Many great communicators flounder because it becomes overbearing to keep up with the world.
So do the slow service, the occasionally overbearing staff and food that is not always hot.
To them, a strong executive and overbearing government are only useful during crises that involve jobs.
But a major theme is that kids of prodigious ability may be pushed by well-meaning but overbearing parents and mentors.
Indeed, they may even help him to distinguish himself from his overbearing predecessor.
It is staffed with captains and waiters who are solicitous and attentive without being overbearing.
She is also notorious for her overbearing perfectionism.
In this brooding drama, the lives of four sisters are nearly destroyed by the machinations of their overbearing father.
Moderately loud, especially in the bar, but not overbearing.
Here, the voice of a playful lyricist isn't drowned out by that of the overbearing expressionist.
But the espresso is too overbearing to match well with the sweet fruit.
Even this could have been staged with less overbearing stylishness.
The squeeze is firm, but not overbearing, and the way my calves felt while charging up hills definitely raised my eyebrows.
Watching over them is the overbearing timekeeper and the all-seeing eyes in the ceiling.
They're overbearing, carelessly told, and gang-written into incomprehensibility.
There is meanwhile an overbearing tourism industry that keeps a wet blanket over the spirit of true adventure.
After a while, however, even the finest taste can be a little overbearing.
Bosses may be an overbearing breed, but more often than not, you've got to admire their business chops.
Warner freely broadcast his deep religious faith, but was never overbearing about it.
Critics say the policy is unfair, underfunded and overbearing.
He's got an overbearing mom that he's still trying to get out from under.
The others also have the same overbearing qualities.
He is terribly egocentric but in the end, it is his sensitivity that prevents him from being bombastic and overbearing.
He envisioned a nation unburdened by an overbearing, big government.
The alleviation of this overbearing traffic is long overdue.
In some cases, older septic tanks can fail or collapse under the overbearing load caused by the weight of saturated soils.
Provide a load distribution member at top track where joist is not located directly overbearing stud.
It is happening on the sidelines with out-of-control volunteer coaches and in the stands with overbearing parents.
He further stated that he was sometimes overbearing and got a little louder than he should.
The process is not overbearing with numerous regulations.
If the emotionality of the situation becomes overbearing, take a few deep breaths and swallow after inhaling but before exhaling.
The accommodations were spacious, the decor a warm country chic and the staff was friendly without being overbearing.
And sarcasm almost always comes across as rude and overbearing.
If there is an overbearing reason to retain the existing process, only then is a decision made to retain the existing process.

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