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The primary author index encourages tracing the evolution of quotations over time via thousands of hyperlinked footnotes.
Over time, that can help us discover how teaching and learning strategies are connected with students' progress.
She hypothesized that they allow us to broaden our attention and prompt us to think in new ways, over time building our skills.
The report should also compare rates of change over time between athletics and academic spending.
Explain that religions have gained or lost popularity over time for a variety of reasons.
We can see how populations change over time, what stays the same, and what's at stake for our ocean's future.
Explain to students that migration has changed over time, and they will now be examining two examples of more modern migrations.
Over time, they adapted to survive in these warm, wet places.
Over time, researchers have proposed several theories for the extinctions.
Over time, copies of those genes began to be borrowed for new jobs.
Over time it's become clear to me that my photographs alone can't convey the human reality of the pandemic.
The pilgrimage has changed over time, even as it has grown in size.
But if such a study were maintained over time, sewage epidemiology could be a powerful drug-tracking tool for law enforcement.
Over time, they might even detect a disease correlation.
Over time, the isolation of different dinosaur populations led to the origin over strikingly different species.
She charts the skills one learns to master over time as the cafeteria poses new and more elaborate challenges.
And rather than getting better over time, the position seems to be deteriorating.
Over time piracy has become more diverse and sophisticated.
Comparing home prices to gold over time comes across to me as a bit specious.
The astonishing part was the way that the four-year-olds' ability to defer gratification was reflected over time in their lives.
However, in the first two, this decreased over time as the pernicious influence of the freeloaders spread.
It will bring each of them one-off costs in the tens of millions, but the savings over time will dwarf the initial outlay.
Over time, managers came to find the experience curve too imprecise to help them much with specific business plans.
Thus over time, bacterial genes which encourage the host to eat more and grow obese might well be successful.
Inflation would over time reduce the real burden of debt but would raise interest costs more quickly.
Its value may go up over time, yielding some positive return to a homeowner.
Over time, our memory of national catastrophes becomes less personal and more nuanced.
But over time, their brains became indistinguishable from those of healthy teens.
It's also more stable over time than previously developed electrodes.
But the metal degrades over time, and particularly in younger patients, it may eventually have to be replaced.
The income paid by such trusts has the potential to increase over time as the endowment does.
Over time, the lonely mothers may have regained their bearings and gone out to get a job.
Ideas acquire traction over time as part of a process.
In fact, many various technologies may have combined over time to allow and influence our evolutionary path.
Over time, more crows joined in on scolding the masked researchers.
Most likely the planets formed farther out and migrated inwards over time, as detailed physical models have shown can happen.
Over time, gravity amplified the lumpiness by causing the denser regions to collapse and fragment.
Notice that among humans there are social trends for choosing names that do vary over time and between cultural groups.
Orchids and pollinators gradually co-evolved over time, lengthening both tongues and spurs in response to each other.
Because the fruit spoils quickly, the families scaled back their gifting over time to a sole apple.
Over time, the wax becomes dark golden, even chocolate-colored.
Being a regular helps because you can build a relationship over time, but even on your first visit you might get good advice.
But over time, the results seem to be improving dramatically.

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