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But ovarian cancer leads them to look for a surrogate.
Other studies have found that olive oil has a favorable effect on both ovarian cancer and bowel cancer.
Likewise an ovarian cyst of some sort can also push on the bladder if it becomes large.
At first worries centred on the possibility of increased risk of ovarian cancer.
Her hormone levels were fine, and her ovarian reserve was well above the baseline for her age.
He started by estimating the size of a pre-advanced-stage ovarian tumor during this window of opportunity.
The result was a mouse that developed a specific type of ovarian cancer.
Project scientists are currently working to sequence ovarian and lung cancers and glioma, a cancer of the brain.
It has also found a similar array of genes that should be diagnostic for ovarian cancer.
She was depressed because her doctors believed she had ovarian cancer.
The radiation had burned the ovarian follicles--the small sacs that produce the hormones eggs need to mature.
She won for a study on the interaction of a protein and a cancer drug on ovarian cancer cells.
Ovarian cancer is cancer that starts in the ovaries.
Surgery for ovarian cancer uses laparotomy, a major abdominal operation.
Obesity makes ovarian cancer more deadly, a new study reports.
Radiation therapy is not typically used in ovarian cancer.
Drug treatment to block ovarian production of estrogen is called chemical ovarian ablation.
Overproduction of follicles, if unchecked, may result in bleeding and rupture of ovarian cysts.
Medical studies to date have concluded that fertility drugs are not linked to ovarian cancer.
Scientists are studying several possible tools, mainly blood tests and sonograms, for screening for ovarian cancer.
Results from clinical trials concerning ovarian cancer.
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