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Example sentences for outsmart

We don't have outsmart each other and prove who's right and wrong.
She'll outsmart the other two to steal treats, toys and blankets.
The solution is not to fight biology, but to outsmart it.
They were too busy trying to get new products to market, win customers, and outsmart each other.
They had to outsmart and outperform fish, which are more agile and explosive and maneuverable.
It might seem, then, that a high-tech freezer could let you outsmart quantum laws.
Pitchers and batters engage in mini-duels trying to outsmart each other.
Hiller helps the ever-widening group of robbers to outsmart the bank's security system by staging one false alarm after another.
There is no attempt on anyone's part to outsmart anyone.
Still, it's the kind of part he specializes in: the canny outsider itching to outsmart the system.
Applies knowledge of pests' biological and ecological needs to outsmart them.
To outsmart deer, try mixing forage sorghum and milo together to get the best of both crops.
But scientists are already finding ways to outsmart the bacterium.
During today's program, the forum participants offered consumers helpful advice on how to outsmart the crooks.
Predators and others who mean harm may always be able to outsmart parental controls.
Given enough time, bacteria can outsmart antibiotics so that these medicines no longer work well.
What they know about capture devices, lures, and how to outsmart the animals they work with.

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A cunning fox cannot outsmart a skilled hunter.... more
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