outsize in a sentence

Example sentences for outsize

Biographers attempted to depict the brilliance and complexity of this outsize character.
Outsize concentrations of specific components can signal trends or trouble spots that merit further, formal investigation.
Giant funds often struggle to find ways to produce outsize returns, because they are too big to move nimbly in and out of markets.
The cloud's data centres are, in effect, outsize public mainframes.
Such is the snakebite of hype, especially for a project with such outsize expectations.
Some employees are drawn to challenging, demanding work and the outsize financial rewards that can follow.
While stocks performed well over all, a small group of listings played an outsize role.
Airlift planners categorize cargo as outsize, oversize, or bulk.
Our system exploits the bulk materials properties of each component, but the collective result is an outsize response to light.
High trailers or outsize loads can result in collisions when routes are not planned.
However, when things do not go well, these same activities can produce outsize losses.
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