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The fellow is an absolute outsider, anyone can see that.
It is true that people are kind but not necessarily welcoming to an outsider.
Anybody outside our own in-group is automatically an outsider, and therefore not to be trusted.
But to an outsider they seem indistinguishable from the more established manses.
To an outsider, the randomness of such discoveries is shocking.
About the only thing they hated more than each other was an outsider.
Along these same lines, a contributor's hometown was noted if she was an outsider.
Implicitly suggest the weaknesses of any outsider who doesn't know the deep history of the place.
Sometimes an outsider can help us see inside ourselves.
The outsider seems quite pleasant at the interview and thus is perceived to have an advantage.
Being an outsider will give you gobs of time to do the research for a job elsewhere, if you wish.
And what you gossip about with an outsider may come back to haunt you if the job candidate reveals that you were the source.
They side with the entrenched one, not with the outsider.
Unfortunately, such dysfunctions tend to remain unaddressed because no outsider wants or dares to meddle in a marriage.
The original elevator pitch was designed for an outsider schmo with nothing but gumption and a million-dollar idea.
The other part about being a fan is that a fan is always an outsider.
In a world ruled by seven noble families, the price for being born an outsider is steep.
The deeper an outsider ventures into this stuff, the clearer a unique community comes into view.
Bert was being destroyed, they knew, because he was an outsider who had not changed his southern ways.
For each outsider's story of a defective test, the insiders have a story of their own.
Some envious outsider made the suggestion that no one was eligible for membership who was not white enough to show blue veins.
The further the messengers drifted into party mode, the less approachable they became to an outsider.
Of course, the outsider is more easily tolerated than the dissident insider.
These dinners in themselves are evidence of the change: from outsider rebellion to bourgeois organization.
But an outsider doesn't expect to be answered by an island.
What it sees can at first strike an outsider as oddly romantic.
But in this place it makes the heart stop, even an outsider's heart.
Final beneficial ownership is impossible for an outsider to establish.
Now another outsider to the shipping industry is trying to get a similar change under way.
To an outsider, who cares how he manages his staff, within the bounds of accepted practices.
Here is an outsider's guide to a few of the other rows.
But many senior officers made no secret of their resentment at the arrival of an outsider with no police experience.
In fact, it is almost impossible for an outsider to second-guess its utterances.
Of course this identifies me as an outsider, but it seems to me this is tending to be a sham for real tasks.
The people running his campaign are cleverly milking his outsider image.
No outsider can have a complete answer to such a question.
She seemed fractured and lost as an outsider in the movie business, after so many years of being deeply inside.
Early on, his outsider heroes operated with an unshakable sense of right.
To an outsider, accomplished physicists seem to also be accomplished musicians, more likely so than other professions.
It's easy for some ignorant outsider to go through your data and pounce on some of those corrections and call you a liar.
Thus their growers can live in small groups and speak a language that no outsider understands.
Many medical facts and practices sound no less esoteric than particle physics to an outsider.
The teacher is an outsider, with low social status in his new land.
As though only a total outsider, or fool, or wise guy would apply such workaday logic to the briefing process.
His entire career he betrayed the touchiness of someone who considers every approach from an outsider a possible threat.
But he relishes his role as the outsider who can call it as he sees it.
It's easy to understand how an outsider might reach those conclusions.
He meets the world with the gaze of an outsider whose attention is inwardly en-gaged.
The insider draws on a special empathy, an inward familiarity that the outsider may never attain.
She was the fascinating outsider at the masked ball in a company of congenial, if often over-bred, bores.
To the outsider, these are unsettling juxtapositions.
Instead, he can take some of the advantages of an outsider, with less of a record to defend.
He ran when others didn't, and his outsider-populism is tinged with brilliance.
Recognize there is an insider and outsider threat to your company.
The perpetrator of the violence could be a domestic partner or an outsider.
In the case of the job search, the encoder or job applicant is an outsider and the decoder or personnel officer an insider.
Often, their outsider experience helped them relate better to the marginalized or the lonely or those taken for granted.

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