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The lyric, therefore, is a poet's fullest outpouring of himself.
The result has been an unprecedented outpouring of creative works.
It is a risky thing to stand against such a near-universal outpouring of moral umbrage.
The outpouring of emotion and respect across the country has been tremendous.
But you have only to witness the outpouring of grief in the last two days to see how far this is from the truth.
Indeed, having crushed a brief outpouring of monk-led protest two years ago, it looks as strong as ever.
Naturally, this has prompted an outpouring of indignation.
Hopefully you have the time to enjoy the financial outpouring.
The outpouring of anger wasn't directed against any one particular party or political philosophy, but against the status quo.
The controversy has led to an outpouring of funds to both organizations.
There would not be nearly the outpouring of statements and televised memorials.
The resulting national pride outpouring boosted the brand as it returned to the traditional package.
They say they've never had such an unprecedented outpouring of emotion by respondents as they were questioned over the phone.
The outpouring of appreciation after so many years has surprised some of the aging veterans.
We have seen a tremendous outpouring of support and innovation from all corners of the world.
Many of us have submissively joined the outpouring of fury.
He gave some prepared remarks about how the family appreciated the outpouring of grief but yearned for privacy.
The tone of this farewell suggests manufactured hysteria, not an outpouring of affection, despite the show's immense popularity.
The outpouring of food, dollars and labor affirms our humanity.
Each dome began with an outpouring of the viscous, rhyolitic lava which hardened and formed a cap over the vent.

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Carlyle: a passionate outpouring of words recommending silence and self-control.... more
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