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It contains a mixture of modern and outmoded industry and agriculture, increasingly dominated by the private sector.
Other missions have replaced gyroscopes, which stabilize the craft, and swapped outmoded instruments with updated ones.
There's a good chance any proposal would be outmoded at some point in the future.
Nothing more than an archaic and outmoded way of thinking, that's what.
They had an unfortunate habit of scheming against one another, as well as against any artists whom they deemed outmoded.
The relationship is outmoded as it is currently configured.
Sometimes, too, a technology that seems outmoded in one part of the world makes sense in another.
It is clear that various educational devices have in the past been outmoded by social changes.
As complexities mount everywhere, no topic is more pressing than how our outmoded abilities and behaviors can be improved.
Many of their works are laughed at today as outmoded, but they are not obsolescent.
It would be a decided burden on students to relive much of the outmoded history.
And in other ways he was clearly out of touch and outmoded.
Few things are more satisfying in war than watching the enemy employ outmoded tactics.
Certain outmoded provisions need to be revised so that businesses can raise capital more easily and efficiently.
In the past two years, disruption toppled many outmoded firms and ideas.
It's a testament to the timeless appeal of a finely wrought musical instrument, as well as a triumph of outmoded tech.
Unlike paintings, installations can't be rehung easily when you redecorate, and the art can become outmoded.
His conclusion was that the idea of a newspaper-only business was outmoded.
We are willing to abandon bad ideas and outmoded ways of thinking.
For generations, arson inspectors have used outmoded theories to help indict and incarcerate many suspects.
Rather than an outmoded way of life to be superseded, they were a potential model for the future.
In other cases, though, the language is bad because it's based on gross simplifications of outmoded ideas.
Ignore some of the terms and concepts which might seem loaded or outmoded today.
The culture excuse is deployed to justify outmoded, inhumane, socially unconscionable conduct sponsored or tolerated by the state.
Lecture, we're constantly told at my community college, is an outmoded form of instruction.
Thinking of buildings as single structures that demand energy from the grid in a one-way transaction is outmoded.
Nonetheless, all processes must embrace evolution and advancement or they face becoming outmoded.
We're sorting out the keepers versus those notions that are outmoded.
The tenure system is outmoded, outdated, and destructive to the profession.
Outmoded tools would no longer determine the outcome, no matter how useful they might be in an ancillary role.
Swiftly changing fashions made his unconventional designs look outmoded within a few years of his brief heyday.
Another question that arises as cities mature is what to do with outmoded infrastructure.
Because of these outmoded testing procedures, good, gas-saving technology gets swept under the rug.
Some observers say it's not only a matter of age, but also that his style has become outmoded.
It features outmoded things such as editorials and paid reporters.
Critics say the entire plan is outmoded, unwieldy and designed to benefit the government's business friends.
It's atavistic to cling to outmoded methods, but only when the new is actually improved.
It's unfortunate to see that two more service members have fallen prey to this outmoded policy.
The old framework was outmoded, but as long as capital sloshed easily around the world there was little urge to build a new one.
Its approach to government increasingly looks expensive, exhausted and outmoded.
The comparison is becoming increasingly outmoded as these two countries have taken increasingly different paths.
When they cannot push their ideas ahead they shove the ones that try to change archaic and outmoded means available.
It was battered by imports and hampered by outmoded plants.
Blue's shop was looking shabby too, its window displays outmoded, its linoleum worn.
They have increasingly come under fire for inefficient, outmoded and nepotistic practices.
The agency's data collection is unreliable, and its computer systems are outmoded.
The company says ready-made meals and hectic lifestyles have made its strategy outmoded.
But such images, always a stretch, are now totally outmoded.
And, of course, the computer that gets shipped to your home will be outmoded in a year or two.
Traditional graffiti is in no danger of being outmoded anytime soon, however.
It's time to stop repeating the campaign promise and start repealing this outmoded policy.
Most citizens recognize that ineffective and outmoded communication equipment can directly impact the safety of their community.
These characterizations may utilize outmoded and offensive stereotypes of nationalities, religions, or races.
Many of the structures in place right now are outmoded and outdated.
Don't let anyone convince you that outmoded forms of language are needed in regulations.
The constant problem with new technology is that you can never know when it will become outmoded.

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