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The timber-frame arbor shown at left covers an outlying patio on the same property, and it is truly spectacular in the daylight.
Probably there will always be a body of short narrative pieces, their authorship and origin lost, preserved in outlying regions.
Over time, violence in the outlying areas of the cities dropped sharply and land values rose.
The town was replanned in the form of outlying suburbs whereas the old town had dense housing around the commercial city centre.
For those in outlying areas with minimal exposure risk, one proffered solution might even be enjoyable: drink red wine.
Synthetic meat could be grown in any city instead of a outlying farm, reducing local and global transportation of meat.
In the end each clan on the outlying coasts beyond the whale-road had to yield to him and begin to pay tribute.
Ten thousand residents have returned to the less damaged outlying areas.
The small town and outlying areas still count on revenues from cotton.
But the time to hurl a probe toward that outlying world is close at hand.
You'll discover several resorts in these outlying cities.
For instance, bus lines handle many of the east-west routes and outlying destinations.
But that might not be the only way to answer the intriguing outlying questions about our sister planet.
Skeptics suggested their genes had originated inside the nucleus, and at some point evolution had moved it into outlying shelters.
They leave their outlying villages and walk as many as eight kilometers to huddle for safety in the towns.
Outlying areas closer to the earthquake's epicenter have essentially been cut off by landslides.
Urban dwellers can forage both in the city, and in outlying areas.
Occasionally he flings dirt from the center to the outlying heap.
In outlying areas, developers are frantically building golf courses.

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