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We dare not make an outlaw of any individual or any group, whatever his or its opinions or professions.
Persuading the government to outlaw gold mining was another.
He was said to be acutely aware of his status as an outlaw.
The government could no more outlaw those goods than it could pants or copper pots.
So the government argues that it is perfectly reasonable to outlaw smoking on public-health grounds.
Authorities can always outlaw something that is obviously disruptive.
One time they were watching a movie on television featuring an outlaw who blasts away with a gun in each hand.
Those who chose and choose to stay outside the compact become outlaw.
She said she wants lawmakers to outlaw pen guns, which are small-caliber, single-shot weapons that resemble pens.
She has played a housewife-turned-outlaw, a pro baseball player and the commander in chief.
His response to being an outlaw is to be an outlaw all the way, with no redeeming social or moral things that tie him to things.
The first step must be to outlaw the kickbacks that lenders pay brokers for steering clients into costlier loans.
And there is talk of an ordinance to outlaw smoking at the beach.
The landscape in this photograph was familiar to the outlaw.

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Wild intelligence abhors any narrow world; and the world of women must stay narrow, or the woman is an outlawmore
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