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Juries award outlandish damages in libel and other legal actions.
Some are more outlandish than others, more or less fantastical and even offensive.
Such a suggestion is not as outlandish as it might have seemed only a few years ago.
There's no shortage of theories, some of them outlandish.
Concept cars give automotive designers a chance to let their imaginations run wild, often with outlandish results.
In our case, people had theories, from the possible to the outlandish.
Some of the wackier ones have grown big through preaching outlandish things.
There are even some lines of evidence that support that outlandish claim.
The premise here was simple: what would happen logically if you take an outlandish premise extremely seriously.
The imagery was diverse: occasionally outlandish and mostly ingenious.
But a more outlandish idea may yet pip them at the post.
It's way out there, but we're always encouraged by outlandish ideas.
Throw out the chatter of the next outlandish lease offer.
In aviation, what sounds outlandish today may be commonplace tomorrow.
They no doubt relish the idea that they can say such outlandish things with a straight face.
He was known in newsgroups primarily for his outlandish rants and tall tales.
Their alleged shenanigans included rigged salaries, outlandish expenses and perks.
Outlandish styling aside, the rest of the concept is standard custom fare.
Every country has examples of controversial and outlandish sport celebrities.
In that light, the move to raise interest rates again, does not seem outlandish.
The idea that phones should have sensors is far from outlandish.
The others are right that you must always respond in a perfectly calm manner, even to personal attacks and outlandish claims.
More than a few callers have outlandish stories to tell, and many of the guests aren't far behind.
Some of the comments on here are terribly written and outlandish in nature in the best of times.
Some unions have asked negotiated large raises and outlandish benefit packages.
With extreme, exaggerated body parts, some predators were loaded with outlandish or disproportionately sized appendages.
But consider that the idea of extraterrestrials communicating with animals isn't as outlandish as one might think.
Outlandish phenomena that now occur rarely, if at all, will become routine.
The crisis is that, due to economic discrepancies, there is an outlandish shortage of primary care physicians in our country.
Citing non-scientific studies that come to outlandish conclusions does not help the author.
It was an outlandish hoop, and yet easy to test and so they made the flies jump.
Skype banishes outlandish fees for calls from foreign lands.
Concepts, after all, are meant to be design studies that are either outlandish or breathtakingly elegant.
It's simple to play, and every outlandish move looks and feels more exciting.
The course doesn't have any outlandish obstacles, but features rolling hills and stone bumpers.
Unfortunately, in the current political climate, even that idea seems outlandish.
What was once thought outlandish has now become mainstream.
Car manufacturers showed off sportier designs-and some outlandish models.
While at it put all the scientific publications containing outlandish theories about the universe through this algorithm.
He loved working on special effects, and his experiments with makeup grew outlandish.
It repeated as fact a legend about the origin of the name that is both outlandish and insulting.
Extremism flourishes and ideas previously regarded as outlandish get a hearing.
Other religions believe equally outlandish things, of course.
Tall tales, with their hyperbole and outlandish plots, seem to have had an effect on my writing.
But the show isn't outlandish compared to other network comedies.
He loved to present outlandish fashion as everyday wear.
And the metropolis is set on jagged isles of alien form in outlandish foaming seas.
The problem is that the outlandish compensation it wins workers comes at the expense of the common good.
The dish maintained its popularity, particularly in blue-collar homes, but dropped the outlandish accoutrements.
But this increasingly outlandish fear-mongering is dangerous in itself.
But there wasn't anything in there that was so outlandish.
Being a tad outlandish without the smash-up carries a certain charm.
Today, he is probably best known for his outlandish adventures and flagrant scandals.
He continues to be everyone's favorite punch line-however outlandish the comparison may be.
There were even outlandish reports that she had designed her own wedding dress.
People thought it an outlandish idea, slightly crazy.
The second may seem an outlandish hypothesis, but there were several tendrils of evidence to support it.
My favorite outlandish or overlooked possibilities are as follows.
Moreover, they should adhere to the principle that the more outlandish or dramatic the claim, the more skepticism it warrants.
Don't count on it, even if such an outlandish move might cut energy costs at the nation's tallest building.
For health officials, setting an outlandish price for cigarettes was precisely the point.
And no idea, no matter how seemingly outlandish, should be dismissed out of hand.
He put on morning games for night workers, staged pig races and handed out outlandish door prizes, including a swaybacked horse.

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