outing in a sentence

Example sentences for outing

What is a fun thrift shopping outing for me may be an awkward or even unpleasant experience for someone who buys everything new.
The third outing for a herd of toys that should have stayed in their boxes.
That's not to say the outing was all coconut and no caramel.
You'd think that the various players would have learned something from our last outing.
The junior faculty member feels that s/he was the one to suffer by outing the cheaters.
Scientific projects are becoming more of a group effort than a lone wolf outing.
Students of digital effects will be able to note how those house elves were a little more lifelike on every outing.
The goal of the outing was to clear a route that was becoming increasingly well laden with bombs.
Even today going to mall is equated as a family outing.
When her husband finds out, he must decide whether outing her is worth losing his part of the pie.
Book ahead for the add-on chance for the kids to build things themselves and the outing starts becoming more worthwhile.
Their first outing, five years ago, remixed the whole idea of what a band could be.
Organizers are given resources on line to plan a successful outing as well as creating caches.
One way to make sure that older family members are not road hazards is to ride with or follow the driver during an outing.
Registration is online only, and includes registration for guests and for the golf outing.
Alex came to live in the residence four months before the community outing incident occurred.
Staff must always directly accompany each patient during the outing.
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