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Example sentences for outgrow

There is no cure, though sometimes well-cared-for trees wall off the disease and outgrow it.
One sees stars outgrow it and become resistant rather than responsive, obstinate rather than available.
Finally, some dreamed, ordinary fans would outgrow their craving for star power.
It begins to outgrow its brothers on the outside, and finally dwarfs them.
They grow so fast they outgrow their legs, and their legs can't support them.
But that is precisely what the bishops are being called upon to outgrow.
Combative nationalism, which has filled the world with turmoil for so many ages, will die as the nations outgrow it one by one.
There are certain artists one wishes one could outgrow.
But the users of the language at that point started to outgrow the owners as a result the language has always been evolving.
So it seems humanity is doomed to outgrow our resources then fight each other.
Steroids often cause muscles to outgrow and injure the tendons and ligaments that attach them to the bone.
But that doesn't mean it has been easy for her to outgrow her former self.
It's when they don't outgrow it that it becomes serious.
Some athletes never outgrow their outsized personas, even long after retirement.
Don't buy equipment that the kids will only outgrow in one or two years.
Any of the traditional evergreens might rapidly outgrow your space.
But many parents and teachers take a wait-and-see approach with mean preschoolers, figuring they'll outgrow the behavior.

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