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Example sentences for outflow

By imposing a quota system, they can limit the outflow of beans from producing nations in times of oversupply.
It throttles the flow of energy in the body by adjusting the outflow of fatty acids to the needs of working cells.
Moreover, the company that was hired to keep tabs on the outflow of money existed mainly on paper.
Fill with water then pump water center inflow to edge outflow.
The resulting outflow is set to overwhelm the series of lakes and the stream that flows from that glacier.
But that outflow of deposits is also part of a longer-term trend away from corporate credit unions.
None of these programs can be set up quickly enough help stanch the outflow of jobs.
If bleeding does not occur, the doctor would check for obstructions that are preventing outflow of menstruation.
Nearby on the seabed, a large mesh basket is catching the outflow from the diver's hose.
The lakes are perennially covered with ice and have no outflow.
Others blame it for an unwelcome inflow of cheap labour and an outflow of jobs.
They would be far worse but for this outflow of bodies and inflow of dollars.
The chief symptom of the failure to do that, of course, is the continuing outflow of migrants.

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The tremendous outflow of intellectuals that formed such a prominent part of the general exodus from Soviet... more
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