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Efforts to outfit the organs with protective proteins have succeeded only in delaying rejection for a few months.
The casually outfit couple looked comfortable and glad.
We should discourage scientists from interaction with any war outfit.
And you make an excellent point about how shoes can change the perception of an outfit, particularly if the two don't match.
Of course, whatever outfit is chosen to take this on will have to wrestle with the universe's daunting duo-time and distance.
Any lenience toward a particular diving outfit was accidental on my part.
She had brought only one suit, and she had to dash out to the mall to get a second outfit.
We had to outfit her for cold weather and protect her from the sun.
On a more serious note, dressing the part is about more than finally getting the chance to wear that interview suit or outfit.
To modify the two-seater, push-prop plane and outfit it with rocket engines cost about half a million dollars.
Eventually, it also might be possible to outfit marshals and flight crews with uniforms that double as body armor.
Now your wrist watch can now tell you what the moon and the tides are doing while complementing your outfit.
But the band needed singers, a robust vocal outfit to tame the music's feisty bucking.
The new outfit should last a year or so, depending on the size of the lobster.
Yet the cake cried out for a glaze to top it off, the way an artfully placed scarf turns a dress into an outfit.
In fact, the online auction giant has a research outfit, although it's little more than a year old.
Then you have to outfit ports with tag readers and information systems that support the readers.
It may be impossible successfully to oversee an outfit that provokes such strong contradictory feelings.
Additionally, cruise-ship voyages may have one or more destinations that require specific outfit considerations.
For more casual ceremonies, consider arriving a few days early and shopping for your wedding outfit at your destination.
It's needed, given how the minicar outfit has seen big sales declines.
Perhaps a commercial outfit could be persuaded to take core samples down several thousand feet, to the crater floor.
The buildings belong to the main tenant of the hangar, an outfit that tests building safety standards.
Put some firewalls between the outfit overseeing the development of manned rockets and everything else.
There are enough andirons to outfit an andiron museum.
But wearing a logo-laden outfit or accessory points to the wearer's painful insecurity.
Still, they never lost that sense of being a people's band, a bedroom collector's outfit.
He'd reach into the back of his car for the right outfit-maybe a stolen tuxedo, maybe a sports jacket.
After all, photo-ops are the lifeblood of the film festival, and you don't want to be snapped in the same outfit twice.
The hottest way to outfit nearly every room in your home is by scouring for treasures at dollar stores.
Neckerchiefs are another distinctive part of the buckaroo's outfit.
The inmates participated in the summer-long project to outfit as many students as possible with handmade backpacks.
Each month on the same date take another picture in the same outfit.
Modesty suggested the under shorts that were part of this outfit.

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