outfield in a sentence

Example sentences for outfield

If the player cannot throw that far, then the ball is thrown to another player in between ie from deep outfield to home base.
Some of the lists were corny and cerebral, while others sailed in from some ontological outfield.
With baseball, you're standing around the outfield for days, you know.
They have been all over the ragged outfield in their support.
He sped to third base, then rounded it, only to be caught off the bag by a laser from the outfield.
The work will include leveling the infield and outfield and the turf will be seeded to improve the field's playing surface.
Outfield catches and second base slides came natural to the team as they racked up runs throughout the six innings of play.
He can play the corner outfield, and he's an experienced designated hitter.
He can play first base, third base, and the corner outfield positions.
The corn lining the outfield is tall again this year.
He's a converted catcher who struggled early last year, his first in the outfield, partly because of a knee problem.
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