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Short story about a town that is terrorized by a mysterious substance from outer space.
One entrance is pretty much as cool as another when you're visiting outer space.
Communicators are merely cell phones that somehow get reception in outer space.
Some of the resource depletion is visible from outer space.
One was the space suits astronauts wear when working in the vacuum and extreme temperatures in outer space.
Still, it's not clear that cellulose can withstand the extreme conditions in outer space.
While there are entrepreneurial pioneers in privately funded space flight, none has yet reached outer space.
The best place of all to put a telescope for observing outer space, though, is outer space itself.
Opponents of increases of government spending live in outer space.
Marigolds and petunias were recast as blazing comets or flying saucers in outer space.
Burke objects to mysterious, metaphysical crashlandings from outer space into the organic lives of peoples.
The portals give it a dimpled surface that brings to mind an enormous golf ball from outer space.
The treaty prohibited all nuclear testing in the atmosphere, in outer space and underwater.
Ditto an all-too-brief excursion to outer space, the series' first attempt at dogfights.
In outer space, where there is no atmosphere, stars do not twinkle.
Intelligent life-forms will be detected in outer space, in some far, or not so far of galaxies.
Actually, the first people to colonize outer space don't need nuclear bombs to do that.
Another major source is cosmic radiation from outer space.
If you were to look at the sun in outer space, it would appear white because its light contains all of the other colors.
The search for intelligent life in outer space is going so well, scientists need a little help from you and your home computer.
So long as there is a source of light, it will not be dark even in outer space.
We had to manage things basically as you would for an event in outer space.
In fact, the intruders from outer space may have delivered the raw materials necessary for life.
He is a foreigner from outer space in a land built by foreigners.

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