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Align and add outer foot using two screws as shown above.
Cull your largest pods for the outer ring of the wreath.
Nearly every outer leaf makes its own flower, so the bigger the plant, the heavier the bloom.
Open the umbrella to determine the height of the outer rim.
Remove fibrous outer layers and coarse leafy tops, and trim root.
With tongs, set inner lid on top of jar rim, then the outer ring.
Academic buildings are positioned on the outer fringes along the water, and students sit on benches, studying.
Two hours of driving each way pushes at the outer limits of sanity, but many academics have similar commutes or even longer.
Remove the outer layer blinders and look at who people really are.
And rents are higher for family sized apartments and are comparable even in the outer boroughs.
Only a tiny fraction were absorbed by the stellar gas, and they had so much energy they ripped apart the outer layers of the star.
The outer walls of the dwellings were plastered with a smooth coat of mud, and the upper facades painted creamy white.
When pieced together it forms an elaborate inner circle comprised of five pieces surrounded by an outer circle of eleven pieces.
One was the space suits astronauts wear when working in the vacuum and extreme temperatures in outer space.
In fact, such nebulae are what's left when midsize stars die and shed their outer layers of gas.
Helium sinks to the star's core and raises the star's temperature-causing its outer shell to expand.
The distinctive, deeply wrinkled outer surface is the cerebral cortex, which consists of gray matter.
It is actually composed of two parts: an inner hull and an outer hull.
The numerous small outer moons may be asteroids captured by the giant planet's gravity.
The outer layer of a large star explodes into space.
The star's outer layers form a kind of nebula around the dying star.
The muskox's shaggy outer coat covers everything but its feet.
In addition, workmen had hacked at the mummy-shaped outer coffin to make it fit into the sarcophagus.
In the outer regions, where it's cold, icy chunks of rock and dust turn into comets.
Shooting stars-the fiery burnout of meteors, dust, and rocks from outer space-are visible in the mesosphere.
Get facts about everything from amazing animals to outer space.
The outer sac, known as the fibrous pericardium, consists of fibrous tissue.
The hair follicle consists of two coats-an outer or dermic, and an inner or epidermic.
In the optic foramen the ophthalmic artery lies below and to its outer side.
The tubercle, thick and prominent, is placed on the outer border.
Outer and old stalks of celery may be utilized for soups.
The outer inhibitions which are to be overcome in the hearer correspond to the inner inhibitions of the wit producer.
And cast ye the unprofitable servant into outer darkness: there shall be weeping and gnashing of teeth.
The outer stalks of celery, often not suitable for serving, should be saved for soups.
The whole camp was collected before a rude cabin on the outer edge of the clearing.
Its outer layer is parchmentlike, which is characteristic of the ova of modern egg-burying reptiles such as turtles.
The best place of all to put a telescope for observing outer space, though, is outer space itself.
While there are entrepreneurial pioneers in privately funded space flight, none has yet reached outer space.
By this he means all kinds of technologies that digitise, speed up and automate a firm's interaction with the outer world.
The city's outer suburbs are eerily quiet, thanks to the preponderance of unsold and foreclosed homes.
Its outer casing is made of silicone and is fitted with pressure sensors so that it knows what it is touching.
The only protein known to behave this way in animals is found in the outer membranes of certain nerve cells.
Almost a third of these are embedded in the cell's outer membrane.
It serves to eject an electron from an atom's outer shell.
So, this says that the angle needed to pull the yo-yo so it doesn't slip only depends on the ratio of the inner and outer radius.
When a drop of coffee dries, its outer edges are pinned, so the radius does not change even as the amount of liquid shrinks.
The outer wall, or curtain wall, was the castle's first line of defense.
In outer space, where there is no atmosphere, stars do not twinkle.
The creases as shown in these images look considerably more smoothed out in the outer stucco layer.
There's probably no intelligent life in the outer solar system.
Yet there must be some outer limit to what known life can endure.
As the aircraft takes off, the gas in each of the balloons expands, forcing air out of the outer bag.
It's normally present as part of a larger protein in a muscle cell's outer membrane, where it lies dormant and inactive.
Discard the tough outer leaves and trim the tough ends of the head of romaine.
They ride the subway back to comfortable, modest, outer-borough apartments.
Marigolds and petunias were recast as blazing comets or flying saucers in outer space.
The ring contains outer and inner parts, which rotate opposite one another.
You're obviously someone at the outer edge, the innovating edge, of a particular field.
With the outer world looking fine, the inner world became the point of youthful focus.
The two secretaries who work in the outer office are less understanding.
Hence outer and inner pressures alike impel us to enter the struggle.
The outer ring of suburbs is already in huge trouble.
Her outer life on the fringe of the government elite was secure enough.
Cut fennel stalks flush with bulb, discarding them, and trim off any tough outer layers from bulb.
He pointed to the desk, which faced away from the door toward an outer window.
The ideal of these qualities, inner and outer-the word for this ideal is kata-is also a bit of a mystery to outsiders.
Worthington greeted us in the cramped outer room of his suite.
Layer them on the top of the outer corners and apply them close to the lash line.
If you work for it, outer darkness will provide what you need.
Short story about a town that is terrorized by a mysterious substance from outer space.
But he let me inside the outer gate to survey the villa from a short distance.
Communicators are merely cell phones that somehow get reception in outer space.
One entrance is pretty much as cool as another when you're visiting outer space.
And the private ones happen in the space of a marriage closed off from the outer world.
The diameter of the cylinder gave him a maximum distance of one inch between the cylinder and the outer casing.
They have thin inner and outer linings made of shock-absorbent urethane foam, to ease discomfort and cut down on injuries.
Some of the resource depletion is visible from outer space.
But this wasn't enough for her-she wanted to conquer the large outer world as well.
The outer layer of silicon dioxide protects the active layers inside.
The outer amorphous layers don't change shape that way, so they keep the planes from slipping too far.
Epithelial cells give rise to the outer enamel, while mesenchymal cells form a tooth's inner connective tissue and blood vessels.
But such imaging methods are only able to image, for instance, the outer shape of the prostate.
The spinal cord is remarkably well protected, by bone and by its tough outer layer, the dura.
Rice doesn't have to be cooked to be digestible, only the outer shell has to be broken to release some nutritional value.
Its outer skin is also made of soft, smooth materials so that if an astronaut does bump into it, she will not be harmed.
Peripheral speed is the speed at which the outer rim of the turbine's vaned wheels turn.
When the outer door burst into flames, the patrons had no escape.
Still, it's not clear that cellulose can withstand the extreme conditions in outer space.
Strains are defined by the chemical nature of key proteins that make up the outer shell of a virus.
The search for intelligent life in outer space is going so well, scientists need a little help from you and your home computer.
It grows through the uterine lining and muscle to the outer covering of the uterus.
One star nears the end of its life, swells up into a red giant, and blows off its outer layers.
The note heats up and pushes on the core's outer shell until the intensity of the sound causes the star to explode.
If what turns up looks right, the outer loop thinks all is well and if what appears is wrong, the outer loop raises the alarm.
Neurons, the specialized cells of the brain, can produce brief spikes of voltage in their outer membranes.
The supercomputer wasn't scheming to take over the world or walking someone's dog on an outer-space treadmill, of course.
The lot number can be found on the outer carton of the product and the foil pouch.
We had to manage things basically as you would for an event in outer space.

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