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Keep curtains and blinds open to allow natural light in the house as well as to provide a view of the outdoors.
RV camping combines the luxuries of home with the rugged nature of the outdoors.
Even the simplest open fire is likely to draw people outdoors.
Eco-therapists counsel patients to slow down and reconnect with nature by hiking, gardening or simply taking walks outdoors.
Fresh water is stored in two covered reservoir tanks outdoors against the mountainside.
But if you spend time outdoors, it will shake you up in lovely ways.
The ceremony is held outdoors, and it is usually hot.
They can train in the gym during off-hours or outdoors.
Dress boots could be fine, unless you will be strolling around the entire campus outdoors.
Felt indoors by many, outdoors by few during the day.
Vented outdoors, the smoke can pose a bigger threat to people in the community than to those sitting fireside.
The slabs are designed to be retrofitted in place of existing flooring and, being waterproof, can be used inside or outdoors.
To test its efficacy, researchers installed air monitors throughout the room housing the masterpiece, and outdoors.
When you really are outdoors, pay attention to something as simple as your traffic signals.
For the last few decades however it's been used for office space with the big cats enjoying the outdoors.
Cities may discover that controlling outdoors lighting may have more benefits than saving energy and keeping the stars shining.
It travels in used tires, which are usually stored outdoors before being shipped around the world.
These are all pieces of camping equipment and are intended for use outdoors.
Energizer has a new range of solar-powered lights made for the outdoors.
So if you're in the mood for stargazing but not the outdoors, you can monitor things from your sofa.
We ventured outdoors on a particularly wet and blustery day with this green, mighty-morphing power jacket.
But if you spend enough time outdoors and away from wall sockets, going solar is a great way to make sure you've got backup juice.
Geocaching is a great way to get your kids outdoors.
Interest in the outdoors generally is more apparent.
And she no longer has to work outdoors all day in the blazing sun and torrential monsoon rain.
When people make movies here, they film the outdoors.
While the battlefield accounts for much of the area's tourism, people also come to enjoy the outdoors or the arts.
Alvarado is an excellent place to enjoy the outdoors.
The cabins are strategically placed to ensure that every guest has the privacy they need to enjoy the outdoors.
Golf vacations allow you to relax outdoors, while also getting to take in the famous scenery.
Using natural light and organic materials also blends the essence of the outdoors with the indoors.
Or choose a flowering plant that can go outdoors after bloom is through.
The couple wanted to preserve and enhance the architectural style of the house while opening the kitchen to the outdoors.
Originally, a cramped kitchen and a series of small rooms clogged one side of the house, hindering access to the outdoors.
For some people, that first whiff of the uncorrupted outdoors might trigger a set of survival instincts.
First decide where you want to spend your time outdoors.
If you intend to plant it outdoors eventually, choose a variety that thrives in your climate.
The process turned the home into a kind of design laboratory, showcasing ways to intertwine indoors and outdoors.
Outdoors, their nests often grow larger when temperatures are mild--a nuisance for the gardener.
Then plant outdoors or transplant into a larger container.
As surely as the gardener's focus shifts from fall to winter, it shifts from outdoors to indoors.
Use our map to find a gear expert near you and learn about their public programs and outdoors access.
Spend some time outdoors together observing wildlife.
Free-range chickens have varying degrees of access to the outdoors.
Once in a while somebody would get lost in the woods and have to spend the night outdoors.
But that doesn't mean independent travelers can't also turn to the local outdoors pros.
Model the surveyors' technique with a tree or other tall object outdoors.
When shooting in cold weather, or extreme conditions such as snow and sleet, it's important not to change your lenses outdoors.
Much of the work on the totem pole was done outdoors.
Make a sturdy soap bag for washing your hands after working or playing outdoors.
If outdoors, individuals should get out of cars and lie flat in a ditch or other depression.
But the highlight is getting outdoors with wilderness experts and local guides.
Healthy adults are returned outdoors, where volunteers feed and look after them for the remainder of their lives.
Keep in mind that the compost need not be placed outdoors.
One's temptation is not merely to put the book down, but to rush outdoors to get away from it.
She can no longer afford lodgings, she sleeps outdoors.
E-book readers can be used outdoors and in direct sunlight indoors.
The lobster tastes even better in the real outdoors.
The game is unusual because it's outdoors, on a rink without boards.
Father never ventured out even in the summer without a coat in case the weather turned cold, and he always wore a hat outdoors.
Plays any- where, indoors or outdoors, on self-contained battery or any house current.
Great for relaxing around the house or work- ing in outdoors.
He likes being outdoors on his own and talking to different people.
If you aren't able to grill outdoors, see our indoor method.
If you are entertaining at home outdoors and there is the possibility it will be cold, you must have heaters.
If you are unable to grill outdoors, paella can also be cooked on a stovetop.
Sit inside on stools at the counter, or dine outdoors for a ravishing view of the harbor and mountains.
Instead, the system uses inexpensive projectors that can be mounted in ceilings or outdoors.
Wearing the cell phone on the hip outdoors would expose it to enough sunlight to maintain the phone in stand-by mode indefinitely.
In winter, he ran outdoors on a half-mile wooden track, even when he had to brush snow off the boards.
They will also need to design the sensors so that the cells remain alive and stable even outdoors.
Huge multistory windows blur the boundaries between indoors and outdoors.
Having to put in earphones could be distracting-and would also diminish his pleasure in being outdoors.
While e-bikes don't change bad riding weather, they beat the heat and let us enjoy the outdoors instead of dealing with traffic.
Others greet the day with parades, or by simply going outdoors and soaking in the sunshine.
For a small fraction of that cost the farm workers now sleeping outdoors beneath plastic tarps could be provided with housing.
During the peak months of summer people move outdoors.
Revivals are held over several nights and often happen outdoors by a natural spring.
Let us never forget the blessing of being held outdoors.
Especially during the warmer summer months, when people lingered outdoors more often.
Cipro also increases sensitivity to the sun, so to avoid a rash, you need to cover exposed skin when going outdoors.
Outdoors, sunlight converted to shadow made a flight of stairs a frightening experience.
Lacking are all the sounds, smells, and spatial complexity of the outdoors.
The only catch was that it had to be rugged enough to be placed outdoors.
Therefore deficiency may be common even in regions where it once was not due to human activity outdoors.
But the difference is, one can choose to go outdoors freely.

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