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And one wall of the rehearsal room lifts open to create an indoor-outdoor space, with the wall serving as its awning.
Wires running underground from the outdoor boxes open and close valves in the water lines.
The virility of his enthusiasm is best shown in his delight in outdoor life.
Also included is his interest and experience in other forms of teaching, such as outdoor or nature education.
There are a ton of parks and outdoor activities to do, and there are some pretty decent restaurants too.
Rolling hills, breathtaking gorges, and splendid lakes offer countless outdoor activities.
It still has outdoor discount racks where you can find almost anything that isn't valuable enough to put on the inside shelves.
Rousing at outdoor rallies, in a small group he is disarmingly casual, even beguiling.
Nevertheless, outdoor-film season is beginning this weekend.
However, it is still strictly an outdoor-only grill, as the heating element can be dangerous in enclosed places.
Geocaching, for those who might not know, is an outdoor activity best described as a treasure hunt.
Securing your nearly three thousand-dollar investment to an outdoor bike rack is a bit of a challenge.
The table contains a spring-fed well, used to cool wine during outdoor banquets.
And one of the first outdoor sports to be played on these shores.
Live performances are also held in the city's outdoor amphitheater.
Each summer an outdoor life-size exhibit is on display in the gardens.
The park's trails offer hiking and bird watching and the outdoor pool is big with the youngsters.
If workers feel there is a safe outdoor walk or biking path near their work, they're apt to be more active.
The lush landscape provides the perfect backdrop for camping, biking, fishing and other outdoor activities.
The sluice is lined with heavy synthetic matting, similar to indoor-outdoor carpet.
We've built the ultimate, state-by-state guide to top outdoor hubs across the country.
Stretch panels in the elbows make it ideal for a variety of outdoor activities.
Here are all the gotta-get-it items for savvy outdoor fanatics this holiday season.
But the friendly town is perfectly in sync with the region's outdoor-centric values.
Outdoor sports have changed, and with them sports injuries.
Twelve trips-tailor-made for right now-in the land of outdoor opportunity.
Each week, policemen allow the streets to be shut for outdoor prayers.
Golf is more expensive to broadcast than other sports: networks need an army of cameras covering an immense outdoor space.
And many outdoor areas that people would prefer to be bright at night remain dark because of the expense.
The leaders got even more money by requiring members to buy clothes or attend concerts and outdoor events.
It is often a long, brisk, outdoor walk to a trestle stairway to board the plane.
After a pilot project that included more video-surveillance and outdoor lighting, crime has dropped.
He hopes to sell the flask to outdoor types and soldiers, but that is not the limit of his ambition.
Maybe in a well sky-lighted mall or something, but outdoor use seems to be more trouble than its worth.
Apparently humans aren't the only primates that plan outdoor events based on weather.
House-dust mites in our homes are a contamination from outdoor sources.
But in other climes, outdoor temperature extremes mean that greenhouses have to be heated or cooled.
Nowadays, many seniors are fit and enjoy participating in outdoor sports.
As a result, the city features a host of waterfront restaurants, some that include outdoor seating.
Creative outdoor showers, from simple kits to elegant personal waterfalls.
Creating a colorful outdoor living room from an unruly yard can seem intimidating.
Learn how to make an outdoor shower by following our easy step-by-step instructions.
Create your own outdoor fort with our step-by-step instructions for making your own backyard tipi.
The public realm of the street was understood to function as an outdoor room.
Or they could be offered in the catalogues of firms that sell outdoor gear.
It immediately reminded me of the spice markets of the region, with colorful powders mounded in outdoor stalls.
Half the land is dedicated to master gardener and community plots, with an outdoor oven and chicken coop along the periphery.
Outdoor incineration has also become more popular with the gradual decline of rendering.
There's no outdoor seating, not that you'd want to sit outside.
Many of the houses have no running water, and these families have to carry all their water from a common outdoor spigot.
The marketing of outdoor recreation rights is one option.
He walks through the plaid living room to the window, where he regards the outdoor thermometer.
They're designed to make the citizenry feel unsafe in its outdoor activities, its public life.
Outdoor cooking can be enjoyed throughout the year, even by hardy souls in colder climes.
As for entertaining, four menus set the scene for spectacular-and easy-outdoor celebrations.
He slept in an artist squat so cold that he had to take a bucket of hot water to the outdoor toilet to prevent it from freezing.
These devices need a slightly different specification from domestic ones, adapted to cope with a harsh outdoor environment.
Last month, the company introduced a version of the technology for outdoor use.
The ruthenium dye is more robust and suitable for outdoor use.
Installing an outdoor video camera poses a unique set of hurdles.
They carved fallen trees into rough-edged sinks and benches and turned an erect tree trunk into a huge outdoor shower.
You're playing on an outdoor rink in a football stadium, for starters.
The hotel had a bar and a club on an outdoor terrace.
On my left, a giant outdoor marquee with an ocean of tables.
It is not uncommon to see guidebooks and maps spread out on the nascent eatery's outdoor tables.
Tells about a chaotic outdoor supper the family has.
Check out the building facades based on traditional privacy screens and wind towers that cool outdoor plazas.
From planning an outdoor wedding to ending droughts and floods, the appeal is obvious.
Smoking will now be restricted to limited outdoor areas.
Below are links to some of the more popular outdoor activity and recreation pages.
Below are a few common outdoor scenarios with suggestions on how to safely respond to the lightning threat.
Many outdoor activities require specific safety training.
Outdoor solar lights are easy to install and virtually maintenance free.
Those of us who fish know that it is an excellent way to kick-back, relax and enjoy the outdoor world.

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