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Example sentences for outboard

They were draining the outboard motor of fuel, so that they could fill up their car and drive off in search of food.
The only way to get around reasonably quickly is in dugout canoes, called pirogues, powered by outboard engines.
The village cannot afford an outboard motor, so when a boat capsizes this is how they rescue the fishermen.
Our boat was what the locals call a panga-- a flat-bottomed skiff with a steering wheel attached by cables to an outboard motor.
Unfortunately, these leads seem to derive from the old position of piston engines in nacelles mounted outboard on the wings.
There is much splashing in the lukewarm water there, and a couple of outboard motorboats circle endlessly, towing water skiers.
The phenomenon can be easily seen in the wake of an outboard engine at night.
It reminded them of car engines, of outboard motors.
The four outboard engines burned longer to compensate, and the vehicle continued to a successful orbit.
Scale up your bacterial flagellum to the size of your outboard motor, and the whole thing would collapse into a puddle of goop.
Outboard from the waterproof compartment is the laptop sleeve, which you access via a urethane-coated, heavy-duty side zipper.
Unlike a two-stroke outboard boat engine, this thing is clean.
He handed over a thick stack of rubles and promised to deliver a snowmobile and an outboard motor.
The only drawback is getting the lagoon weeds caught in the outboard motor intake.
The loggers returned to exact revenge, sabotaging the outboard motors of three tribespeople who took us upriver.
We turned the outboard off and drifted in, closer and closer, the motors on our cameras whirring softly.
What he really needed was an outboard motor for his boat.
As the boat bangs up and down on the waves, the stern rises out of the water and the outboard motor races wildly.
Noises tend to scare off sharks, so inflatable boats with outboard motors may cruise the course during the race.
These small tin boats with outboard motors are perfect for fishing or picnicking in waterfront spots.
Push-button outboard boating was inevitable in this day and age of automation.
Once outboard motors had simpler and more primitive uses.
Outboard power on pleasure boats is growing in more ways than one.
They make you think of motorcycles and outboard engines, but not cars.
Safety-belt buckles for the outboard, back seating positions chaffed the hip.
Center-slot belts are lap-only, far less safe than lap-shoulder belts in outboard seating positions.
If you acquire the watercraft or outboard motor from immediate family, you are exempt from the excise tax.
The fist-size outboard tweeter module carries the family resemblance.
It helps keep the outboard wheel on the ground in a turn.
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