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Better a penny out of the land than a dollar out of the sea.
Although she was but forty-five, some obscure disease had taken the fire out of her figure.
Don't snap your fingers at the dog before you are out of the village.
And all bare him witness, and wondered at the gracious words which proceeded out of his mouth.
Reports of his condition were vague, and he dropped out of sight.
What caught my eye more than anything else was these crazy mushrooms sprouting out of the straw bale garden.
The secret is to control them before populations get out of hand.
Not much will get me out of bed on a winter weekend morning.
My frozen-yogurt habit is getting totally out of hand.
And it does so without making you want to run out of the theater clutching your stomach.
Can foods that taste much better in season than out of season, such as tomatoes.
In the desert, grow plants in filtered light, out of direct afternoon sun.
Watch as the entire community comes out of the woodwork to play catch up at the farmers' market.
To clinch the pairing, the vinegar in the salad is made out of bubbly.
Keep fruits out of the refrigerator while the bulbs are in.
To make more plants, break off a one- to three-segment piece and set it in a warm place out of direct sunlight to callus.
Still, out of the lunatic wanderings came a long career's worth of art.
Metalmark moth caterpillars can build their own versions of home security systems out of silk, according to new research.
Scientists also don't know why mantas sometimes breach, or jump out of the water.
Most fish move in and out of the areas as water sources dwindle.
The high cost of healthy eating out of reach for many.
After the plants die they drift to the bottom and their decomposition sucks the oxygen out of the seawater.
Realizing when a diversion has gotten out of control is one of the great challenges of life.
After multiplying, the microbes break out of the cell and go on to invade other cells, repeating the process.
To cap-and-trade our way out of global warming or not.
It was so fast that it could get in and out of a location before anyone knew of its presence.
And lo, out of every seat but his own would come a jet of cold spring water.
In any case, the work would be out of its creator's hands for good.
Still, he felt dizzy, and he found his dressing room going in and out of focus.
We stepped out of the car and approached the officer.
Finally, he got out of bed and went downstairs to the homemade studio of his struggling record company.
We asked her if anything interesting got left out of her previous reports.
Much of the mystery was of her own making, growing out of her reticent, elusive personality.
There is something liberating in running out of food.
Both are comic writers, properly snagged in the mundane, whose fiction has too often been etherealized out of existence.
Three hippies came by, and took her cigarettes and lighter out of the pocket.
New studies show that animals used in critical experiments may be out of their minds.
Once the twist occurs, blood cannot drain out of the ovary through its veins.
Energy could appear out of the vacuum and remain permanently in the universe.
One day, out of sheer curiosity, he inserted a small microphone into a fire ant mound and listened.
On good days, when the wind is blowing, the plumes are swept low across the city and out of town.
One rationale would be local adaptation, which drives between group divergence out of sync with total genome genetic distance.
The zooids crawl out of these holes to filter microscopic plankton out of the water with their wavy tentacles.
Apparently, someone took too long to get out of a parking space he wanted.
He didn't notice anything out of the ordinary until some minutes later.
Apple crisp is one of those desserts that will never, ever go out of style.
If you live someplace that has a true winter, this is probably about the time when you start thinking about getting out of town.
Out of it all he appears to have extracted, and given, an uncommon amount of pleasure.
Serve up in a clean dish, and throw the whole out of window as fast as possible.
After that, there were garden vegetables in season, and preserves out of season.
The speed and simplicity of the recipes will appeal to newbie cooks, but kitchen pros will get a lot out of this book as well.
Sometimes pasta's story has to be ferreted out of language.
Pour the water out of the mixing bowl, set the now-warm eggs aside, and put the batter in the bowl.
Some days there are two of us, some days six, and when a speaker comes from out of town there might be a dozen.
These consumers are willing to go out of their way to make that connection, and it's rewarding on both sides.
More bread makes for lighter meatballs, and a fancy cheese is not out of place if you're feeling indulgent.
But medicine can be different-and right now it's out of control.
Bringing a beloved champ out of retirement and back into the ring is always dicey.
Sometimes there is a cabin in the snow, with a wreath of smoke coming out of the chimney.
The psychology, in brief, is that history is out of control.
Electricity causes the water molecules to split into hydrogen and oxygen gases, which bubble out of the solution.
Other approaches are being used to get more speed out of copper connections.
The material, with water circulating around it, is alternately placed in and out of a magnetic field.
According to quantum mechanics, any vacuum will be filled with electromagnetic waves leaping in and out of existence.
Yet researchers who specialize in volcanoes still don't fully understand the gaseous warning signs that spew out of active peaks.
The electrode materials, usually oxidized metals, change color when an ion such as lithium moves into and out of them.
One of the surprises to come out this work is that planets are regularly kicked out of these systems by slingshot effects.
Further, they don't make junk out of some callous desire to inflict bland pain on our eyeballs.
The locals know what is about to happen and are staying out of sight.
Living foolishly above my means and running out of money.
Eventually you're going to run out of flesh real estate.

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